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Admiral Helena Cain - Battlestar Galactica

Admiral Helena Cain from Battlestar Galactica played by Michelle Forbes.

Admiral Helena Cain is a fictional female Kobolian2003 in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was portrayed on screen by Michelle Forbes. Cain is the captain of the Battlestar Pegasus. When the Battlestar Galactica finds the Pegasus, Helena takes overall charge of the Fleet. This causes problems for the Commander William Adama who dislikes not being in control.

Unlike Adama, Cain is not willing to have refugee ships follow her ship. Helena stripped the refugee ships of their resources then left alone to fend for themselves. Admiral Helena Cain is from Tauron by birth. Helena rules by fear and authority. The two ships captains (Cain and Adama) attempt to assassinate one another. Dr. Gaius Baltar frees a "Number Six" clone from the Brig on Pegasus and gets her to assassinate Cain.

Admiral Cain in the new series was a lesbian, having an affair with a Number Six clone who would later go on to kill her. Helena was the only openly gay character in the series. In the webisodes, it was revealed that Lt. Felix Gaeta was also gay but that revelation didn't make it to the television series, it was an afterthought.

Admiral Cain - Original Series

In the original series, there were a few episodes where the original Battelstar Galactica came across the Pegasus. The original Cain was played by Lloyd Bridges who is famous for also appearing in the comedic films Airplane and Airplane II. The character appeared in Living Legend two-part series. The original Cain had a daughter, Lt. Sheba.

Admiral Cain of the Original Battlestar Pegasus played by Lloyd Bridges

Before the attack by the Cylons, Admial Cain was in a relationship with Cassiopeia but they got separated. When the Battlestar Pegasus is found, Admiral Cain and Cassiopeia look to want to rekindle their romance much to Lt. Starbuck's disappointment.

Out of all the commanders, Helena Cain, the Adamas and the Tighs, the original Cain flew into battle controlling a Colonial Viper.

Admiral Cain was known as a Living Legend for feats he had undertook hence the title of the first episode he appeared in was The Living Legend. He received great respect from his colleagues and when Adama temporarily downgraded the Admiral, the crew of the Pegasus was willing to mutiny to get him back. When the Cylons launched an all out attack on the Galactica fleet, Cain was reinstated in command of the Pegasus.

Admiral Helena Cain Facts

Alien RaceKobolian2003
AllegianceThe Battlestar Pegasus
SpaceshipBattlestar Pegasus
ActorMichelle Forbes

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