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Admiral Helena Cain - Battlestar Galactica

Admiral Helena Cain from Battlestar Galactica played by Michelle Forbes.

Admiral Helena Cain is a fictional female Kobolian2003 in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was played on screen by Michelle Forbes. Admiral Helena Cain holds the rank of Admiral within the Battlestar Pegasus.

In the original series, the character Admiral Cain was played by Lloyd Bridges but in the re-imagined series, it was gender-swapped and played by Michelle Forbes.

Admiral Helena Cain is the captain of the Battlestarconstellation">Pegasus, the only other known surviving Battlestar from the Cylon attack.

When the Battlestar Galactica finds the Pegasus, Helena takes overall charge of the Fleet. This causes problems for the Commander William Adama who dislikes not being in control.

Unlike Adama, Cain is not willing to have refugee ships follow her ship. Helena stripped the refugee ships of their resources then left alone to fend for themselves.

Like the Adama family, Admiral Helena Cain is from Tauron by birth. Helena rules by fear and authority. When Colonel Jurgen Belzen, Pegasus' Executive Officer in the spin-off Razor disagrees with her, Belzen is shot and replaced by Colonel Jack Fisk

Resurrection Ship

The two Battlestar captains agree to work together to destroy a Resurrection Ship. Resurrection Ships if in range allow Cylons who have been killed to be downloaded into a new body. By knocking out a ressurrection ship, when a Cylon dies, its knowledge dies too. The Cylon clone that killed Commander William Adama at the end of the first series was successfully uploaded into another body.

Admiral's Assassination

Admiral Cain in the new series was a lesbian. Helena was having an affair with a Number Six clone which at the time, Helena was unaware of. Helena was the only openly gay character in the series. In the webisodes, it was revealed that Lieutenant Felix Gaeta was also gay but that revelation didn't make it to the television series, it was an afterthought.

Both Cain and Adama plotted to have the other one assassinated. Cain ordered Colonel Jack Fisk to assassinate Adama with Lieutenant Kara Thrace being ordered to assassinate Cain after the end of the Resurrection Ship mission. Once the mission had succeeded, both senior officers realised they needed the other and cancelled the assassination order.

The ex-lover of Admiral Cain had been held in a prison where she had been beaten up, tortured and interrogated. When Doctor Gaius Baltar had access to the prisoner, he set about freeing the Number Six clone. The clone once freed shot and killed Admiral Cain and then disappeared into the fleet. Gaius kept in contact with the clone for a short period after wards.

After the assassination, Commander William Adama promoted Colonel Jack Fisk to be the new commander. Fisk didn't last long as he was assassinated on the orders of a criminal gang. The next commander was killed. Adama had attempted to assign someone from within Pegasus' rank but found no-one suitable so he made his son, Captain Lee Adama the next and last Commander of the Pegasus.

Admiral Helena Cain Facts

Alien RaceKobolian2003
AllegianceThe Battlestar Pegasus
SpaceshipBattlestar Pegasus
ActorMichelle Forbes
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