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Aeryn Sun - Farscape

Aeryn Sun from Farscape played by Claudia Black.

Aeryn Sun is a fictional female Sebecean Peacekeeper soldier in the Farscape television series who was played on screen by Claudia Black. Aeryn Sun is a fierce and loyal female Peacekeeper who is forced to go on the run after making first contact with the human John Crichton. John Crichton is a human from Earth who ends up in another part of the Universe after going through a wormhole.

As it is the first time a Sebacean has come into contact with a human, Aeryn has become contaminated and as a result, Aeryn must be executed. John prevents her from being killed and together, they escape from Bialar Crais with the help of a group of escaped convicts including Ka D'argo, Dominar Rygel XVI and Pau Zotoh Zhaan. Aeryn Sun comes across as being short tempered but that's in part due to her being a soldier.

Aeryn Sun and John Crichton's Relationship

Over time, Aeryn Sun and John Crichton come close and fall in love with one another. Whilst John falls for Aeryn Sun straight away, the reverse cannot be said and he has to work on it to win her over. When John becomes duplicated, her John is killed and Aeryn has to go solo until she is reunited with the other John. When one of the John's is killed, Aeryn becomes withdrawn so much that Rygel doesn't know what to do to bring her back.

Aeryn Sun and John Crichton

In Dog with Two Bones, John Crichton imagines that they are getting married. Aeryn Sun is a wedding dress but at the reception, it is interrupted by The Peacekeepers. Eventually, John does proposes to Aeryn Sun on a boat in the middle of an ocean but they are crystallised by a alien on the planet.

Although Aeryn didn't want to become a mother, she changed her mind when she realised that John really wanted to be a father. Whilst Sebeceans are biologically compatible with humans, they can store embryos in their bodies for months at a time. When Aeryn became pregnant, she was unable to say who the father of the baby was but eventually decided it was John's.

Death of John Crichton

John Crichton is cloned by Kaarvok in the episode, Eat Me where both claim to be the real John Crichton. They exhibit the same personality as one another. Due to an incident later in the series, the crew of Moya split up. One John Crichton goes with Aeryn Sun, the other doesn't.

Rygel tries to comfort Aeryn Sun over the death of John Crichton but finds it hard to handle the situation. Aeryn takes the death very badly. The two crews are eventually reunited and over time, the remaining John Crichton and Aeryn Sun resume where they left off.

Aeryn Sun Leaves the Moya crew

Aeryn Sun as imagined by John Crichton wearing a bikini

At the end of the third series, Aeryn Sun takes off from the Moya to probably not been seen again. John Crichton goes after her in the Farscape One ship but is unable to prevent Aeryn Sun from leaving him. It gets worse for John as Moya starbursts away leaving him along in the universe.

At the beginning of the fourth series, John Crichton is alive on board another Leviathan space craft dreaming of him and Aeryn Sun. Aeryn Sun is on the beach in brown bikini. He visits the dream many times , each time Aeryn Sun is in the bikini. Eventually, John gets the message that Aeryn doesn't want him and walks away. You could say it was Farscape's Princess Leia's Metal Bikini scene. Aeryn Sun would later return in the fourth series with Scorpius helping her with a Scarran body temperature kit.

In the final episode of series four, John proposes to Aeryn on a boat in the middle of no where on an ocean planet. As they celebrated, a fighter plane flew across and killed them, turning them to crystals. Dominar Rygel XVI was ordered by Captain Ka Dargo to swim underwater and collect all the pieces. Instead of holding the pieces in a bag or container, Rygel held the pieces in his mouth. When Crichton and Aeryn are re-assembled, Aeryn is without her child. The baby is incubated inside Rygel and was eventually re-planted into Aeryn so she could give birth. D'argo was killed in a battle against Scarrans and as the baby needed a name, the baby was named after Ka D'argo.

Aeryn Sun with Blonde Hair

Aeryn Sun with Blonde Hair as a Princess in John Quixote.

For most of the episodes, Aeryn Sun has long brown hair but in one episode, John Quixote, Aeryn Sun appears with blonde hair. The episode was written by Ben Browder who played John Crichton in the series. Aeryn Sun is an imaginary princess in a tower who John believes he must kiss.

Chiana had persuaded John to take part in a game. The only way the two Farscapers could end the game was to kiss the princess. John believed the Princess was Aeryn Sun who was at the top of a tower. When John kissed Aeryn, nothing happened. The creator of the game was Stark so John had to work out who exactly was the princess was.

Aeryn Sun's Family

Peacekeepers are meant to be unemotional soldiers but one Peacekeeper Xhalex Sun broke the rules and fell for a fellow peacekeeper Talyn. Together a child was born called Aeryn. Xhalax turned her back on the child to return to the Peacekeeper fold. Later in the series, Aeryn confronts her mother Xhalax for one last time before Xhalax is killed by Bialar. In honour of her Dad, the ship that Moya gives birth to is called Talyn.

Although Aeryn doesn't appear in the first couple of episodes of the fourth series, Aeryn returns in Promises where she is infected with a temperature virus. Aeryn's life is saved by Scorpius who gave her a temperature control suit.

In the episode Revenging Angel, John is knocked unconscious by D'Argo and whilst John is resting, John imagine himself and his fellow Farscapers as cartoon characters much in the same way as Bugs Bunny and Road Runner.

Aeryn Sun Facts

Alien RaceSebecean
LoveJohn Crichton
ActorClaudia Black
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