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Alak Tarr - Defiance

Alak Tarr is a fictional male Castithan who works for City of Defiance in the Defiance franchise. He has been portrayed on screen by Jesse Rath. Alak is the rebellious teenage son of Datak and Stahma Tarr. He is very much in love with the human female Christie McCawley. Datak only approves of the relationship between the two lovers because when they have become married, he believes he can take ownership of the mine that Rafe McCawley owns. Atak spends much of his time at the top of the damaged arch where he runs the Defiance radio station.

Alak Tarr

In one episode in the first series, when his father Datak is blurting out election messaging, Alak turns off the microphone so the city can`t hear the blabble. Whilst Datak sees opportunity in the relationship between the youngsters, Alak seens love not business in his relationship with Christine.

In the second series, Alak tries to take control of his fathers empire but he is undermind by his mother who says Alak is weak and that she is taking control of the empire.

Alak Tarr Fact File

Alien RaceCastithan
AllegianceCity of Defiance
ActorJesse Rath

Copyright: 2013

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