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Alec Trevelyan - James Bond, 007

Alec Trevelyan from James Bond

Alec Trevelyan is a fictional male Human spy/terrorist in the James Bond, 007 film series who was played on screen by Sean Bean. Alec Trevelyan is a 'Lienz Cossack' who was orphaned after the Second World War. M.I.6. took him under their wing and trained him to become an agent like James Bond hoping Alec Trevelyan would never know his true history. Alec is given the code number 006 and has the same Licence to Kill as James Bond. When Trevelyan finds out about his history, Alec fakes his own death at the hands of General Arkady Ourumov, head of the Russian Space Division when both Alec and James Bond are sent to the Arkangel site in Russia. When Bond changes the bomb timer, Alec is unable to get away clearly and is badly burnt.

Years after the incident at the Archangel Chemical plant, Alec sets about exacting revenge on the British for their treatment of the Cossacks. The Cossacks were returned to Russia after the Second World War and many were killed in revenge for them siding with the Nazis.

Alec got Ourumov to test one of the Goldeneye nuclear bomb satellites on Sevanaya, Siberia.

As Bond changed the timer of the bomb, Alec was unable to get unscathed and his face became badly disfigured. Alec reinvented himself as head of the Janus crime syndicate in St. Petersburg, Russia. When the first Goldeneye satellite exploded, James was sent to St. Petersburg to investigate which is where they came across one another again.

Alec has a female henchman Xenia Onatopp who revels in killing both with guns and with constricting people chests with her thighs. James Bond encounters his one time friend is a graveyard for Lenin monuments in St. Petersburg but before James is able to kill Alec, James is knocked unconscious.

After Sevanaya was destroyed, Alec Trevalyn and General Arkady Ourumov travel to Cuba to use the second Goldeneye satellite on London, causing world wide economic meltdown.

Alec Trevelyan Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorSean Bean
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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