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Alfred Pennyworth - Justice League

Alfred Pennyworth from Justice League played by Jeremy Irons.

Alfred Pennyworth is a fictional male in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by Jeremy Irons. Alfred Pennyworth is the trusty British buttler for Bruce Wayne who knows that billionaire Bruce alter ego is Batman. His past form has been that of an intelligence agent which when he retired he followed his father Jarvis Pennyworth to become the Wayne's valet.

When Bruce's parents were killed by robbers, it was Alfred that looked after the young Bruce ensuring that he keeps on the path to one day take over Wayne Enterprises. Bruce doesn't tell Alfred from day one about the Batcave, Alfred finds out about the Batcave when he stumbles upon it when trying to fight some intruders.

Alfred has been played by notable British actors down the years from Alan Napier in Adam West sixties series, Michael Gough in the Nineties and Michael Caine in the noughties with Christian Bale. The latest incarnation of Alfred is played by another British respected actor Jeremy Irons who is partnered with Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne.

On the small screen in the 21st century, Sean Pertwee played the role of Alfred, a mentor to the young Bruce Wayne who had yet to become Batman. Alfred trains and tries to look after the young Bruce Wayne as his parents have been killed.

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ActorJeremy Irons
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