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Amanda Graystone - Battlestar Galactica

Amanda Graystone from Battlestar Galactica played by Paula Malcolmson.

Amanda Graystone is a fictional female Human in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was portrayed on screen by Paula Malcolmson. Amanda is the wife of wealthy Caprica industrialist Daniel Graystone, the creator of the Cylon robots. Amanda is a medical professional who leaves the hospital she works at after she announces to everyone at a memorial service that her daughter Zoe Graystone is a terrorist with Soldiers of the One.

Family Life

During a number of episode mid-season, Amanda leaves her husband, unable to cope with life and injured. Despite Daniel begging for her to come back, she stays away at a lodge in the middle of nowhere. The only person she talks to during this time is Clarice Willow.

She has flashbacks of her brother Darius who was killed in a car crash before the events of the series. At one time, she chases after her vision and follows it to a poster of the crash. She can't get the visions out of her head.

Friendship with Clarice Willow

Sister Clarice Willow is the head principle of the school that Zoe Graystone studied at. After the events of the train bombing, the two women begin a friendship. Clarice Willow becomes the only person that Amanda finds she can relate to. Clarice has ulterior motives and uses and abuses her friendship with Amanda to try and find the Zoe Graystone avatar.

Amanda's friendship with Clarice doesn't go unnoticed at the Global Defence Department. Jordan manages to persuade Amanda to spy on Clarice to find out anything he can about what she is up to.

Amanda Graystone Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Graystone Family
ActorPaula Malcolmson

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