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Amanda Rosewater - Defiance

Amanda Rosewater from Defiance played by Julie Benz.

Amanda Rosewater is a fictional female Human in the Defiance television series who was played on screen by Julie Benz. Amanda Rosewater is the Mayor of Defiance in the first series who tries to ensures things are done right between the different races in Defiance, It was Amanda who persuaded Joshua Nolan to give up on his journey to the now tropical Antarctica and instead becomes the lead law maker of Defiance. She has a will they won't they relationship with Jeb. Her sister is a madam in a hoare house in the town. At the end of the first series, Amanda looses the election for mayor to Datak Tarr. Amanda's sister is Kenya Rosewater who is the owner of a bar and hoare house in the town.

Amanda Rosewater had an affair with Connor Lang, a Earth Republic operative. The relationship didn't last long. In Beasts of Burden, Amanda reveals to Pottinger about the truth of the relationship with Connor. Amanda was raped but kept it to herself. Eventually, she terminated the pregnancy and the relationship fell apart.

After loosing her position as Mayor, she retreats back to the bar that Kenya Rosewater used to own before Kenya disappeared. There's no scene where Amanda is on the game in the same way as her sister was. All the love making is done without money being traded.

Amanda takes drugs in the second series, there was no mention of drugs in the first. It is believed that Mayor Pottinger was the one who introduced Amanda Rosewater to drugs as he was seen to be taking drugs with her.

Amanda Rosewater Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe City of Defiance
ActorJulie Benz
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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