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Lieutenant Commander / Ambassador Worf - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Worf from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Michael Dorn.

Worf is a fictional male Klingon in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Michael Dorn. Worf holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander (Enterprise), Ambassador (DS9).

Colonel Worf

Before Michael Dorn played Worf in the Next Generation and DS9, he also played the role of Colonel Worf. Worf was the legal defence barrister for James Kirk and Leonard McCoy where the two men were put on trial for the murder of Chancellor Gorkon in the Star Trek VI, the Undiscovered Country film.

Colonel Worf is the father of Mogh who is the father of Worf from the Next Gen and DS9 series. Colonel Worf is unable to win the case against the two Starfleet officers.

Joining Deep Space 9

At the beginning of series 4, Worf joins the crew of the spacestation when Captain Benjamin Sisko requests the help of Starfleet to deal with a large fleet of Klingon craft having arrived at the station. The only person able to deal with Klingons is a Klingon according to Sisko.

When he arrived on the station, he was greeted by Chief Miles O'Brien as they had both served together previously on board the Enterprise.

Worf was without an assignment as the Enterprise had been destroyed when Jean-Luc Picard took on Doctor Tolian Soran in the first Next Generation Movie entitled Star Trek VII, Generations.

When Gowron, the supreme leader of the Klingon Empire arrives on the station after hearing Worf is there, tries to persuade Worf to join the Klingon Empire, Worf declines, saying he has given his word to Starfleet and can't break it as it would dishonourable otherwise to do so..

Worf Family


Alexander is Worf's son who makes occasional appearances on the series. When Alexander appears on Deep Space 9, Alexander is trying to make it as a Klingon warrior but there are complications. Alexander's mother is K'Ehleyr who Worf had a relationship with before joining the Enterprise.


Kurn is Worf's brother. In the episode 'The Sons of Mogh', Kurn comes to Deep Space 9 and demands that his brother kills him so that he may enter the Klingon heaven with honour. Worf agrees but Kurn's life is saved when Lieutenant Jadzia Dax realises what is going on and interrupts the sacrifice and saves the brother's life.

Attempts to make Kurn change his mind and so the crew come up with another plan. Instead of killing Kurn, they will wipe his memory so that thoughts of killing himself are vanquished. The plan works and his memory is wiped and given a new name and identity.

Kurn had wanted to commit suicide because he had defied Gowron, the leader of the Klingons. Gowron wanted a war with the Space Federation and Kurn had objected to it as he saw it was a war they could not win. The house of Mogh was dissolved along with the title and land. He could not commit suicide as that would be dishonourable so he asked Worf to kill him.

Worf's Women


K'Ehleyr was an old flame of Worf's from a time before he served on the Enterprise. They were destined to be together but their relationship broke up. Worf is reunited with K'Ehleyr when she comes aboard to help persuade a group of Klingons that the war between them and the Federation is over. The past romance between the Klingon Worf and half-human half-Klingon K'Ehleyr threatens to get in the way but fotunately, the two sort their differences out. The Emissary

Deanna Troi

During Worf's time on the Enterprise, he has a relationship with Deanna Troi, with Commander William Riker's blessing. The romance would eventually run its course.

Jadzia Dax

Whilst being stationed on board the Deep Space 9 space station, Jadzia and Worf become close. Worf is not looking for romance, Jadzia does all the running. The two characters eventually get married in the episode "You are cordially invited". Their marriage doesn't last the rest of the war as Jadzia is killed by a possessed Gul Dukat .

Ezri Dax

A host containing a symbiont may not rekindle a relationship of a symbiont's past host. Jadzia Dax broke the rule in an earlier series so it wasn't going to be long before Ezri Dax and Worf would do the same. Worf knew the rule and actively tried to not break it, however, when the two of them were stranded on a planet, they ended up breaking the rule and made love. They chose to forget about or tried to.

Chancellor Worf

The most senior Klingon is known as the Chancellor. For the most part of the series, the Chancellor was Gowron who was friends with Worf. When The Dominion War was going badly, it prompted Worf to consider relinquishing Gowron of the position. Worf and General Martok were in agreement that Gowron was leading the Klingons into defeat.

Worf wanted General Martok to take the position but Martok was against challenging Gowron. In the end, it was Worf who removed his Starfleet insignia and challenge Gowron for the Chancellorship. Worf won the fight by killing Gowron and therefore taking the position of Chancellor. Worf didn't want the Chancellor ship and handed it over to Martok.

Worf Facts

RankLieutenant Commander (Enterprise)
Ambassador (DS9)
Alien RaceKlingon
ActorMichael Dorn
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