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Lieutenant Commander / Ambassador Worf - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Worf from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Michael Dorn.

Worf is a fictional male Klingon in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was portrayed on screen by Michael Dorn. Worf holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander (Enterprise), Ambassador (DS9).

Joining Deep Space 9

At the beginning of series 4, Worf joins the crew of the spacestation when Captain Benjamin Sisko requests the help of Starfleet to deal with a large fleet of Klingon craft having arrived at the station. The only person able to deal with Klingons is a Klingon according to Sisko.

When he arrived on the station, he was greeted by Chief Miles O'Brien as they had both served together previously on board the Enterprise.

Worf was without an assignment as the Enterprise had been destroyed when Jean-Luc Picard took on Doctor Tolian Soran in the first Next Generation Movie entitled Star Trek VII, Generations.

When Gowron, the supreme leader of the Klingon Empire arrives on the station after hearing Worf is there, tries to persuade Worf to join the Klingon Empire, Worf declines, saying he has given his word to Starfleet and can't break it as it would dishonourable otherwise to do so..

Worf Facts

RankLieutenant Commander (Enterprise)
Ambassador (DS9)
Alien RaceKlingon
ActorMichael Dorn
Last UpdatedTuesday, March 12, 2019

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