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Ambassador Worf - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Ambassador Worf from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Michael Dorn.

Ambassador Worf is a fictional male Klingon in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was portrayed on screen by Michael Dorn. Ambassador Worf started off as a member of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701D crew but when their missions ended after seven years, he "jumped" ship and took up a post at Deep Space Nine as an ambassador.

He was a father to a son who would appear in occasional episodes.

During his tenure with Deep Space Nine, he became romantically linked to Lt. Jadzia Dax but she dies in Tears of the Prophets. Although the host has died, the symbiont inside Jadzia is implanted into another host. Worf tries unsuccessfully to romanticise the the new host but the new host has nothing of it.

Worf rejoins the Enterprise for the start of the film timeline starting with Star Trek VII, Generations.

Ambassador Worf Facts

Alien RaceKlingon
LoveLt. Jadzia Dax
ActorMichael Dorn

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