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Amy Pond - Doctor Who

Amy Pond from Doctor Who played by Karen Gillan.

Amy Pond is a fictional female Human assistant in the Doctor Who television series who was played on screen by Karen Gillan.

Amy Pond meeting The Doctor

Soon after regenerating from David Tennant to Matt Smith, the new look Doctor crashes the Tardis in the garden of Amelia Jessica Pond. Amelia or just Amy for short first meets The Doctor when she is a little girl. The Doctor promises to come back for her but takes over ten years to return. Amy is now a police kiss-o-gram who is about to be married to Rory Williams, a nurse at the local hospital.

In the first series, it start with the three of them (Doctor, Amy and Rory) but then Rory gets pulled through the crack in the universe and disappears in Cold Blood. Both the Doctor and Amy forget about Rory as he has been erased from history. Rory returns at the end of the series as a Roman Gladiator when the Doctor's enemies club together to trap the Doctor inside the Pandorica, a box trap.

A young Amy Pond is played by Karen's real-life cousin Caitlin Blackwood in the first episode when the Doctor first meets Amy and in necessary subsequent episodes.

The Doctor takes Amy through time and space including allowing her to have a stint as a Pirate as they take on Psirens.

Amy's Family Life and Career

Amy was and has always been in a relationship with Rory Williams who is a nurse at the local hospital. There was a brief moment in the series where Amy was free and single because Rory had been wiped from existence through the crack in the universe. However they get back together and stay together. The Doctor is invited to their wedding but there's no alien interference, it comes after an adventure.

Amy Pond and Rory Williams on their wedding day.

The Doctor remarks that the house she is living in is large for just her. It is implied her family was sucked into the crack in the universe. When the crack is repaired, Amy's family return and exist as though they never went away.

When we first meet the adult Amy Pond, Amy is a police kiss-a-gram much to the surprise of everyone. Later on in the series, Amy has become a model and when Rory comes to serve divorce papers on her, Amy is working as a model on a shoot at the time.

Pregnancy and Child

Amy reveals during the adventures that she is pregnant and is subsequently kidnapped by Madame Kovarian. The Doctor and Rory rescue her by recruting help from across the universe in the episode A Good Man Goes to War. In the previous episodes, she is replaced by a ganger, a duplicate who appears the same in every way. Rory dresses up as a centurian again and starts to harass the Doctors enemies in the hope to find out where Amy is being held.

Amy and Rory's daughter is named Melody Pond who then is revealed to be River Song, the Galactic criminal in Lets Kill Hitler. Throughout Amy's time at school, she was best friends with Rory and Mels who is revealed to be Melody Pond. Melody has Timelord D.N.A. and has the ability to regenerate like the Doctor. It was speculated that Melody was the love child of the Doctor and Amy but the Doctor said her D.N.A. got mixed up during the Pandorica episodes where time got reset.

They go through a rough patch in their lives where they are contemplating divorce but they pull back together after an adventure or two. The reason for the divorce was that Amy Pond was unable to have children and therefore was shutting herself off from her husband.

Amy Pond in the Pandorica

During the last two part of the first series that Amy Pond appears in, Amy and the Doctor are called to Stonehenge in 102 A.D. Here Amy Pond is reunited with Rory Williams who has now become an Auton. Rory fights to control his inner demons but the Auton takes over and in the end shoots Amy Pond. Amy is placed inside the Pandorica prison in order that she might be saved by the younger Amy.

Nearly two thousand years later, the Doctor gets the younger Amy Pond to touch the Pandorica. The touch leaves behind Amy's D.N.A. which causes Amy Pond to come back to life again. Rory is now a security guard still protecting the Pandorica throughout the years.

It is remarked that Amy lives in a large house, too large for herself. The Doctor notes that there's no parent which it is discovered in the final two-part episode of the first series she appears in that they disappeared in the crack in the universe. When the Doctor uses the Pandorica prison cube to blow up the Tardis that is going supernova, we get to see Amy's family as she gets married.

Amy Pond Leaving the Doctor

When her husband is pulled back in time by the Weeping Angels, she jumps back in time to be with him. Once they jump back in time, they are unable to return to the present. They live a long live and end up being buried in the same cemetery together. Both Rory and Amy leave the series at the same time. Amy Pond is briefly seen in the Christmas Episode, Time of the Doctor when its tradition that the companion who travelled most with that Doctor makes a brief appearance in that Doctors last episode.

The actress Karen Gillan went on to star as nebula in the Disney Marvel film, Guardians of the Galaxy. In the film, she shaved off all her auburn looks to get in with the part.

Amy Pond Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Eleventh Doctor
ActorKaren Gillan
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