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Android - Dark Matter

Android from Dark Matter played by Zoie Palmer.

Android is a fictional female Robot in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Zoie Palmer. Android is precisely that, an android who provides the crew with the link between the computer and themselves. When Android was woken up, she tried to kill the members before Portia Lin / Rebecca manages to deactivate and reprogramme the Android to provide them with help instead.

Loyalty to Raza Crew

Later on, she starts daydreaming, imagining as though she's in a relationship. All the time she's out of the count, her holographic version is causing problems for the crew of the Raza and Android has to be woken up to stop the Holographic version.

Not so Perfect

Androids aren't supposed to make mistakes but this does. In her haste to rescue her colleagues, she forgets a manoeuvre as she takes the ship into the atmosphere of a cold planet. Also, Androids aren't supposed to have human emotion like we do. When the crew awaken Wendy, an entertainment droid who can sing, cook and have sex, Android comes across as being jealous though she tries to hide it. When she sees Derrick Moss, she shows off a bit of cleavage, when Derrick ignores her, she zips up her top and feels despondent.

Holographic Version

Android creates a virtual version of herself so that she can help diagnose issues with herself. In the first series, the physical form is blue and the virtual form wears a red suit. The other crew members of the ship can't see the virtual form. It is similar to how Rommie in Andromeda appeared although with this version, no one else but Android can see the hologram. When the holographic version of the Android is revealed to the rest of the crew, a virus is activated and set about trying to kill the crew through making the crew believe that they are witnessing past events again

Android and Romance

Android in new look

Android is an old model robot and during a brief visit to a space station in the second series, Android meets Victor. Victor tries to persuade Android to join him and other newer models on their own adventure. Victor gets Android out of the clothes she wears and into a off the shoulder dress. However, Android decides to not stay with Victor and instead return to the crew of the Raza as plain old Android.

When Android meets Victor, Victor has other Androids that have joined him and broken away from their humans creators. Victor offers Android an upgrade for her intelligence which Androids uses occasionally in the series.


In Built, not Born, after receiving a distress call from Victor, the Raza crew travel to Antares 7, a martian look planet. The planet is believed to be Sanctuary for the robots that have broken free and are no longer under the control of their creators.

On the planet, Android is reunited with Victor who shows her and Portia Lin's history and that they are both linked. Both Portia and Android are the creations of Doctor Irina Shaw. Android is made to look exactly like Irina. (both Irina and Android) played by the same actress.

In the following episode, Android has a change of clothing, something that doesn't go unnoticed with Portia Lin. Android clothing is a little more revealing which causes Android to keep referring to her boobs which are not more visible. Its not the first time she has demonstrated cleavage but its the first time it gets mentioned.

In the episode, Android gets a name and that is Suki. After all the episodes, she finally gets a name. According to the After Dark mini series, the name comes from one of her pets.

Android Facts

Alien RaceRobot
ActorZoie Palmer
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