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Anduin Lothar

Anduin Lothar

Anduin Lothar is a fictional male in the Warcraft series. The character was portrayed on screen by Travis Fimmel. His allegiance / loyalty is to The Alliance. Anduin Lothar is the military leader of the Humans in the city of Stormwind, Azeroth. According to the trailer, it is he who has to deal primarily with the threat to the planet from so called dark forces. He is tasked by King Llane Wrynn to hunt out and discover what the threat is to the survival of the Alliance. In the trailer, it looks like he is getting close to the Orc female Garona.

Anduin Lothar is the brother-in-law of Stormwind leader, King Llane Wrynn and therefore brother of Lady Taria Wrynn. We first seen him when he is visiting Ironforge and is given new technology that may well help the Alliance against the new threat.

Anduin is a widowed father of Callan Lothar who in the trailer, Anduin is seen to rescue Callan by chopping the head off an Orc. Sadly, Callan doesn't make it to the end of the film as he is killed in the second major skermish of the film.

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