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Arnold Judas Rimmer - Red Dwarf

Arnold Judas Rimmer

Arnold Judas Rimmer is a fictional male human who works for Red Dwarf in the Red Dwarf franchise. He has been portrayed on screen by Chris Barrie. Arch enemy of Dave Lister before the accident. He was killed along with the rest of the crew when there was a massive radiation leak onboard the Red Dwarf. However as Holly could sustain one life-form, it was him who was saved much to Lister`s displeasure. Being a hologram, he was unable to hold or do anything until later on in the series when his light drive was turned into a hard light. Rimmer always quotes Space Core Directives when things aren`t going his way and when he does, Kryten reveals the truth about that particular space core directive and it turns out to be something totally different.

Arnold `Ace` Rimmer

Rimmer is also known for trying out a new salute which involves holding his arm out, twisting his hands then saluting. The salute doesn`t catch on with the other members of the crew. Rimmer sees himself as a loser all his life. In a parallel universe is another Rimmer, known as `Ace` Rimmer who everyone looks up to and admires. Ace is famous for saying `Smoke me a kipper, I`ll be back for breakfast`. The point at which these two Rimmers diverged from one another is when "our" Rimmer decided not to retake a year at school but Ace did, it made him stronger and the character that he is today. When `Ace` Rimmer is badly injured, Ace seeks out our Rimmer and gives him the opportunity to become the man he never was. Rimmer sets off as `Ace` Rimmer and leaves the rest of the crew of the Red Dwarf for the rest of the series.


If one Rimmer was bad enough, can you imagine many Rimmers. In Rimmerworld, when Red Dwarf is under attack, Rimmer cowardly escapes from the Red Dwarf and is pulled through a black hole where he crash lands on a desert planet. He sets about making the planet into a hospitable one. He ends up creating inhabitents with his face including the females. He has to wait an eternity for the rest of the crew to come and rescue him.

Arnold Judas Rimmer Fact File

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceRed Dwarf
SpaceshipRed Dwarf
ActorChris Barrie

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