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Bard from Lord of the Rings played by Luke Evans.

Bard is a fictional male Human in the Lord of the Rings film series who was portrayed on screen by Luke Evans. Bard is a bowman from the Laketown who first encounters the dwarves when the dwarves need a lift on his boat. The dwarves need to get to Lake-Town as part of their ongoing mission to get to Erebor, the Lonely Mountain. Bard agrees to get the dwarves into the town using the barrels that the dwarves had used to get out of their Elf prison earlier and ride the river with. Bard hides the dwarves inside the barrels and fills the barrels with fish to hide and mask their smells.

When the dwarves are found out, it is Bard who comes to their rescue by explaining what they want to do and what they plan to do. After he talks up for them, the Dwarves are allowed to leave and continue their mission.

Bard is a family man who tries to look after his young family after his wife has died. In the Hobbit - Battle of the Five Armies, he is responsible for shooting the Black Arrow that kills the dragon Smaug. Black Arrow is also a Hunter spell in Warcraft. Only a black arrow is able to kill a dragon and there is only one in Laketown and that fortunately belonged to Bard the Bowman. Smaug has caused a lot of damage to Laketown before Bard is able to kill the dragon.

After Smaug has destroyed Laketown and has been killed himself, the survivors make their way to the shore where Bard takes charge and organises the survivors.

When it is evident that Thorin Oakenshield has betrayed those he said he would help, Bard joins the ranks of the Elves and Humans who travel to Erebor to confront the Dwarfen king. It is Bard who does the negociations with Thorin but has no luck in getting the King to see sense. When Bilbo smuggles the Arkenstone out of the Erebor, it is Bard who holds it up to show Thorin that Bard has it.

Bard Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorLuke Evans

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