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Baze from Star Wars played by Jiang Wen.

Baze is a fictional male in the Star Wars film series who was portrayed on screen by Jiang Wen. Baze is ace shooter who appears only in Star Wars - Rogue One, the first spin-off film of the star Wars franchise. Baze is best friends with Chirrut, the blind fighter who believes in the Force, the same Force that Jedis and Sith use. He gets involved with the Rebel Alliance when he and Chirrut come to the aid of Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso on the planet of Jedha.

After joining the Rebel Alliance, both him and Chirrut take part in the operation to steal the Death Star plans from the Empire on the tropical planet of Scarif. Chirrut is the first die after flicking the switch to enable the plans to be broadcast to the rebel fleet in orbit fighting the Star Destroyers.

Baze Facts

AllegianceThe Rebel Alliance
ActorJiang Wen

Copyright: Lucasfilm

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