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B`elanna Torres - Star Trek - Voyager

B`elanna Torres from Star Trek - Voyager played by Roxann Dawson.

B`elanna Torres is a fictional female Klingon in the Star Trek - Voyager television series who was played on screen by Roxann Dawson. Half-Klingon / Half-Human engineer of the USS Voyager. She was part of the Marquis crew who were abducted by the Caretaker in the pilot episode. She becomes the engineer when the original engineer of Voyager is killed during his line of duty. She has a quick temper which sometimes gets the better of her.

Tom Paris and Family

As the crew of Voyager travel back to the Alpha Quadrant, she becomes close to Tom Paris and eventually they marry. During her travel home, B'elanna gives birth to a baby girl which they named Miral Paris. The daughter hatches a plan with Captain Kathryn Janeway to get the Voyager back sooner than they did in the original timeline in End Game

Earlier, when the Hirogen had taken control of the Voyager, B'elanna was tricked into thinking she was pregnant and part of the resistance. It was a case of what was to come.

B'elanna Torres's Best, Worst and Memorable Episodes

Faces (S1 E14)

The Vidiians have captured B'elanna and have separated her into two people, a Klingon and a human version. The Vidiians are a race of humans who have been inflicted with a disease that disfigures them. In order to try to find a cure for the Phage, they created two separate B'elannas.

The Klingons have a natural immunity to the disease and the lead Vidiian scientist hoped by separating the two, he would be able to find out how Klingons are able to be immune from the disease.

B'elanna is not the only one experimented on, another crew member comes off far worse as the lead scientists uses the crew members face to see if B'elanna reacts differently if she sees a human face.

The two B'elanna work together to get back to Voyager. The Klingon version is killed eventually. Doctor adds part of the Klingon DNA back to the suriving B'elanna, otherwise B'elanna will die.

B`elanna Torres Facts

Alien RaceKlingon
AllegianceThe USS Voyager
LoveTom Paris
SpaceshipUSS Voyager
ActorRoxann Dawson
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