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Bialar Crais

Bialar Crais from Farscape played by Lani John Topu.

Bialar Crais is a fictional male Sebecean captain in the Farscape television series who was portrayed on screen by Lani John Topu. Bialar Crais is the leader of the Peacekeepers that John runs into once he has come out of the wormhole in the frst episode in his craft, Farscape One. When John emerges from the wormhole, Farscape One smashes into a peacekeeper ship which then is destroyed as its path is redirected into that of an asteroid. The space ship that was destroyed was being piloted by Bialars brother. Bialar vows to kill John Crichtion. Aeryn Sun is believed to have been contaminated by John and Bialar orders her arrests and termination. Over time, Bialar accepts what John Crichton told him about what happened to Bialar's brother.

Bialar Crais's Secret

In That Old Black Magic, he kills Lt. Tee and hopes that it will remain a secret until he dies. However, Scorpius puts Crais into an interrogation chair and the murder is revealed to Scorpius. Bialar turns to the escaped prisoners for assistance and they accept him as part of the crew. Bialar gains control over Talyn and tries to keep him under control.

Crais kills himself in Into the Lions Den, Wolf in Sheeps Clothing when he orders Talyn to starburst whilst still inside Scorpius's command carrier.

Bialar Crais Facts

Alien RaceSebecean
ActorLani John Topu
NationalityNew Zealander

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