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Blackhand from Warcraft played by Clancy Brown.

Blackhand is a fictional male Orc in the Warcraft television series who was portrayed on screen by Clancy Brown. Blackhand is a senior member of the Horde and one of the first to step through the Dark Portal at the beginning of the film. Blackhand is one of the Orcs that takes part in the first encounter between a Stormwind battalion and the Orcs. During the first encounter, Blackhand looses his hand which is then replaced by Gul'dan using fel magic.

Blackhand is a traditionalist who believes in the ways of the Orcs. When Durotan challenges Gul'dan, Blackhand suggest ignoring it but Gul'dan reminds Blackhand that Blackhand believes in the Orc ways and therefore Gul'dan takes up the challenge.

Blackhand is through and through loyal to Gul'dan whereas the Durotan is willing to challenge the authority of Gul'dan even if it will cost him his life. Durotan is loyal to the clans and no one else.

Blackhand in the Warlords of Draenor

In the Warlors of Draenor expansion, Blackhand is a final raid boss. Blackhand is the Horde's armoury builder and is found in Backrock Foundry. Blackhand's main weapon in the raid is his Mace.

Blackhand Facts

Alien RaceOrc
AllegianceThe Horde
ActorClancy Brown

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