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Boris Grishenko - James Bond, 007

Boris Grishenko from James Bond

Boris Grishenko is a fictional male Human spy in the James Bond, 007 film series who was played on screen by Alan Cummings. Boris is a computer engineer who works at the Severnaya satellite tracking station. Boris comes across as being very immature for his age and his immaturity gets on Natalya Simonova's nerves. When the Severnaya's station is attacked, it is believed he was killed but he survived. Boris turned out to be working for Alec Trevelyan, the supposedly dead M.I.6. double-O agent. Boris sets up a trap to capture Natalya which works and she is taken to Alec where she is to be killed in a helicopter incident.

Boris returns at the end of the film where he seen is programming the second Goldeneye satellite whose target is London, United Kingdom.

Boris Grishenko Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorAlan Cummings
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

Copyright: MGM/UA

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