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Brother John Cavil - Battlestar Galactica

Brother John Cavil is a fictional male Cylon who works for Cylon in the Battlestar Galactica franchise. He has been portrayed on screen by Dean Stockwell. Brother John Cavill is a Cylon that takes the religious path, Cavill dresses and acts like a priest. John acts as a de facto leader/dictator demanding his way is the right way, When Cavill first appears, he is a monk known as Brother John Cavill. One of his clones manages to find his way onto the Battlestar Galactica after having "survived" a massacre. However when a second clone of Cylon is found onboard, both clones are ejected into space. (The Plan)

Brother John Cavil plyaed by Dean Stockwell

Referred to as Number One, Cavill tries to assume the role of the leader, organising the Cylons and instructing them. Although John wasn`t the first one created, he assumed that number. Cavill was a jealous creation as was responsible for the destruction of the clone called Daniel which is why none of them exist anymore.

He is responsible for hiding the identities of five of the clones which Cavill doesn`t want the other clones to know about. When D`anna Briers clone discovers the identity of the five remaining clones, Cavil has D`anna boxed so that no one is able to know the identity of the remaining clones.

He has a strong dislike of the human race and find procreation to be an abhorant human trait. Cavill uses Ellen Tigh on New Caprica to find out information about her husband Col. Saul Tigh and what the resistance is currently up to so that he can spoil it.

He arrogance leads to a civil war between (Number Ones (Cavils), Number Fours (Simon O`Neill), Number Fives (Aaron Doral), Number Eight (Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer > against (Number Eights (Leoben Conoy), Number Sixes (Number Six) and the majority of the Number Eights led by a Number Six called Natalie). The wars bring Galactica into the fight on the side of the faction led by Natalie. The war involves the destruction of a Resurrection Ship.

John Cavil first appears on the Galactica when Cpl. Tyrol seeks out help after an incident where Tyrol beats up his wife Cally ( Battlestar ). John provides the spiritual guidance that gets Tyrol through.

Samuel Anders discovers a Cavil clone after he assaults a Cylon squad and provides him with support and help as he`s believed to be human. Its not evident to Samuel that he is a clone though.

Cavil is discovered to be a Cylon infiltrator when the rescued Brother is brought onto the Battlestar Galactica. Despite protestations, both are ordered out of the airlock by Commander William Adama. The execution occurs in the spin off The Plan film which shows the assault on the colonies from the Cylon perspective.

Brother John Cavil is as mentioned earlier played by Dean Stockwell. If you`re trying to remember where you seen that name before, he played Admiral Al Calavicci in Quantum Leap. Al was the character who tried to work out what Sam Beckett had to do to move to the next body.

Two Brother John Cavil to be executed by being thrown out an airlock.

Brother John Cavil Fact File

Alien RaceCylon
ActorDean Stockwell

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