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Bruce `The Hulk` Banner - The Avengers

Bruce Banner from The Avengers played by Mark Ruffalo.

Bruce Banner is a fictional male Human in the The Avengers comic series who was played on screen by Mark Ruffalo. Doctor Robert 'Bruce' Banner is the human side of the Incredible Hulk, a giant rampaging human like monster. The human character is commonly known as Bruce Banner or David Banner. When Doctor Bruce Banner was unable to save someone he loved, he began researching to prevent it from happening again. He discovered that other people had been able save the lives of others who had been in the same situation as him but he wasn't able to do what they did.

Bruce discovered that on the days the others had rescued their loves ones, the savers had been affected by Gamma Rays. Bruce subjected himself to a large amount of Gamma Rays which he believed would give him the super strength he longed for. Bruce didn't get the strength until he grew angry and turned into the Incredible Hulk.

When he transforms, his clothes rip and fall off excluding his trousers/pants, well, it is supposed to be family viewing. The Hulk would be able to do everything that Bruce had wanted to do, lift extremely heavy objects and throw them. The Hulk could jump extremely long distances and heights.

Although he's seen as not the talkative type, screaming and rampaging. The Hulk talks in the first Avengers film describing Loki as a puny god and talks more in Ragnarok.

Bill Bixby / Lou Ferrigno

The first real memorable version of the Hulk on television had Bill Bixby in the role of Bruce Banner with Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk. The television series ran from 1977 to 1982 with a total of 82 episodes. After the series were a number of films which culminated in the Death of the Incredible Hulk where the Hulk is shot. In "The Incredible Hulk Returns" of 1988, Eric Kramer appeared as Thor, another Marvel character who made his first appearance on screen in live action.

Lou Ferrigno has stayed faithful to the Hulk and has guest appeared in cameos either vocal or visual. He can be seen walking with Stan Lee in the 2003 as a security guard.

Sadly, Bill Bixby passed away in 1993 due to cancer but had he still been alive when the Avenger films were being made, we are sure he would have had a guest role in one or many of the films.

Why David Banner not Bruce Banner?

In the Bill Bixby version, Bruce Banner was referred to as David Banner. According to Stan Lee, the producers thought that the name felt a bit gay. The name was also considered to alliterative (Victor Vondoom, Matt Murdoch, Wade Wilson) and too comic book name, they wanted to get away from it and therefore so decided to change. At the beginning of each episode, a gravestone showed the name David Bruce Banner. The name David was chosen by the producer Kenneth Johnson as a way to honour his son David as revealed in the DVD commentary. Quora


They've been two Hulk movies which preceeded The Avengers era. The first Hulk movie was in 2003 with Eric Bana appearing as Bruce Banner. The film sets up the story of the Hulk and deals with Banner becoming the Hulk. In the film, Banner is actually experimented on by his father than actually getting all his Hulk powers from the Gamma Rays.

The second Hulk movie which came out five years later has Edward Norton stepping into play the Hulk. Its meant as a continuation from the previous film. In the film, Banner is hiding out in South America at a drinks plant when his blood is mixed accidentally with the drink and causes people drinking to be affected. The U.S. Army led by General Thaddeus Ross are able to track down Norton to the planet.

Tim Ross tries to become the same type of superhuman that Banner has become but instead becomes the Abomination. The two hulks face off on the streets of San Francisco causing problems and mayhem.

It is Tony Stark / Iron Man who approaches Bruce Banner to join the Avengers at the end of second film. Had Iron Man not made an appearance, then the movie would not have become part of the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU). It was Edward Norton's one and only time in the M.C.U., the role then went to Mark Ruffalo.


Mark Ruffalo takes on the role of the scientist in the Avenger films. Even though the Hulk is one of the most well known Marvel properties, there are no plans to give the Hulk his own film again in the near time. The Hulk appeared in all the Avenger movies and guest starred in Iron Man 3 and Captain Marvel .


In Thor Ragnarok, Thor has been exiled by Hela and ends up on Sakaar. Also on the planet is Banner who is being forced to fight in an arena. Banner doesn't know how he got there but he manages with the help of Thor to get off the planet and eventually back to Earth. The Hulk is very talkative for the first time in a live action film.

Infinity Wars

At the beginning of Infinity Wars, The Hulk is with Thor and the Asgard refugees when Thanos attacks the Asgard spaceship to get the Space stone. Hulk fights to prevent Thanos from getting the stone but is unsuccessful. After Thanos has got the stone, the Hulk is absent from the rest of the film, its just Bruce Banner.


Five years after the events of the Infinity War with half the Universe's life having been turned to rubble, Bruce Banner has managed to control his Hulk side and has become known as Professor Hulk. Bruce stays in Hulk mode for the entire film, he now has both enhanced intelligence and strength.

When the Avengers have taken the Infinity Stones out of time and make a new gauntlet, it is Bruce who uses the gauntlet to return things back to normal. Bruce elects to do this because he is immune to gamma radiation which the stones when used will give off.

Bruce Banner's Love Life

The original, the death of someone special caused him to experiment on himself and do what he did.

In the pre-Avenger films, his love interest was Betty Ross who was the daughter of General Thaddeus Ross, the man who was taked with bringing him in. In the second film, after the Hulk has gone on the rampage. Thaddeus gives in and takes a helicopter with Betty to calm the Hulk down and return him to normality. In the films, the roles were played by different actresses (Jennifer Connelly and Liv Tyler).

In the Avenger films, it is Natasha Romanoff, the Russian spy played by Scarlet Johansson who is the one who calms the Hulk down and return him to his human side. There is signs of romance but nothing like in the previous films.


There is a female version of the character called She-Hulk which has not appeared in the Avenger films. Her alter-ego is Jennifer Walters and was first introduced in 1980. Although there were attempts at She-Hulk movies, none were ever released, one starred Brigitte Nielsen, the Danish actress.

Bruce Banner Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Avengers
ActorMark Ruffalo
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