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Bruce Wayne - Batman

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne is a fictional male in the Justice League series. The character was portrayed on screen by Ben Affleck. His allegiance / loyalty is to Superman. Bruce Wayne is the billionaire owner of Wayne Enterprises which he inherited from his father who was killed in an ambush when Bruce was young. In the Tim Burton film of the nineties, it was the Joker, Batman`s arch enemy that was responsible for the deaths of the Wayne`s parents. In other canons, it wasn`t the Joker. He is looked after by his butler, Alfred Pennyworth who knows Bruce`s secret.

Batman appeared in four films from 1989 to 1997 featuring Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Riddler and Poison Ivy. In those films Batman was played by Michael Keaton (1st 2), Val Kilmer and then George Clooney. In the last two, Robin, the boy wonder assisted Batman like he did in the Adam West series in the sixties. However, Robin didn`t appear in any Christopher Nolan films and won`t be appearing in the Justice League films.

Bruce Wayne isn`t married but is never not able to get a woman on his arm. In the Christopher Nolan stories, Wayne had feelings for his best friend Rachel Dawes until her life was cut short by the Joker. In the films, Bruce was never without a woman but he secretly only wanted Rachel who was infatuated with Harvey Dent, the local District Attorney who went on to become Two-Face after the Joker tried to kill him as well. The Christopher Nolan films had Bruce Wayne played by Christian Bale who went up against Ra`s Al Ghul, the Joker and then finally Bane.

Batman vs. Superman

Bruce Wayne has so much pent up anger towards Superman because a loved one of Bruce`s was killed during the fight between Superman and General Zod at the end of Man of Steel. Bruce wants to exact revenge even though he knows that Superman can`t be hurt. Eventually they probably become friends to defeat a bigger threat to them both.

Both Batman and Superman unite to defeat a common enemy, that is Domeday and Lex Luthor. Both anatagonists are more associated with fighting Superman but in Batman Vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice, they become an anatagonist for Batman as well. Domesday is famous for having being portrayed as the one who killed Superman in a 1992 comic.

Batman is a masked vigilante who operates the board room by day and operates in the darkness defeating evil during the night. In the Nolan movies, Batman only used his fists however in trailers for Dawn of Justice, Batman is seen holding a gun.

Batman has also been portrayed as fighting the Xenomorph from alien and having fought Judge Dredd in cross-over comics in the nineties and early noughties.

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