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Brunt - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Brunt from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Jeffrey Combs.

Brunt is a fictional Ferengi in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Jeffrey Combs. Brunt is one of two characters in the series that is played by Jeffrey Combs, the other is Weyoun, the main Vorta agent for The Dominion. The two characters never come face to face.

Brunt is the head of the Ferengi Commerce Authority whose role it is to see that commerce is carried out according to the Rules of Acquisition. The Rules of Acquisition lays out how the Ferengi live and die. There are 285 Rules but not all of them are mentioned. The 286th rule is added by Zek to allow women to wear clothes and trade. They can contradict one another as Rule 35 and 36 testify to, War is good and Peace is good. "Destiny"

He's conservative in his views, he doesn't want anything to change. He fears it might cause the break up society. Like all other Ferengi, he's only in it for himself.

Brunt's Episodes

He first appears on the station when Quark's mother starts to wear clothes and make money, both of which are illegal under Ferengi law. He closes down Quark's establishment and orders him to go back to Feringinar to persuade Quark's mother to give up her gains. "Family Business"

When Rom decides to set up a bar association, (trade union), Brunt is sent to the station in order to make sure that Quark doesn't give into the demands. If an union starts on DS9, it might become contagious and start up in other place, damaging the very fabric of the Ferengi society. "Bar Association"

When Quark discovers he is dying, he puts up his body parts for sale. An anonymous bidder seems to really badly want his parts. The bidder is Brunt and he is determined that he will get the body parts, willing or unwilling on Quark's part. "Body Parts"

When Quark returns home after having to close his bar because of an infestation of Voles, he's shocked to discover that his mother is having a relationship with Zek. Brunt is on hand to tell Quark to force an end to the relationship. "Ferengi Love Songs"

When Quark's mother has been kidnapped by the Dominion, Quark has to put a team of Ferengis to rescue his mother. The Dominion want to swap Quark's mother for a captured Volta. The Ferengi are not equiped or experienced in military but they need to learn. Brunt volunteers for the rescue mission. "The Magnificent Ferengi"

When Zek is determined to push through equal rights for women, Zek holds a conference to persuade other senior members of the leadership that its the right thing to do. Things don't go to plan and Quark is forced to dress up as a female ferengi to help the cause. Brunt happens to get involved. "Profit and Lace"

When Zek disappears in the alternate universe, Quark and Rom have to rescue him by giving the kidnappers a cloaking device. Quark come face to face with the alternate version of Brunt who is much friendlier than their own reality version. "Emperor's New Cloak"

When Quark learns he will become the new Grand Nagus, Brunt turns up to beg for a position in the new administration. Brunt will also go to the lengths of sharpening Quark's toe nails. "Dogs of War"

When Sisko is knocked unconscious, he dreams he's a 1950's science fiction writer who come up a story. Characters in the story are played by all the cast without their make up. Jeffrey plays the role of a cop who beats up Sisko alongside Marc Alamo who plays Gul Dukat "Beyond the Stars"

Brunt Facts

Alien Raceferengi
ActorJeffrey Combs
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