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Captain Benjamin Sisko - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Avery Brooks.

Benjamin Sisko is a fictional male Human captain in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Avery Brooks. Benjamin Sisko holds the rank of Commander (1-3), Captain (3-7).

Sisko takes up the helm of Deep Space Nine with his son Jake Sisko joining him on the first day. Benjamin is the first non-white captain in any star Trek series.

Style and Appearance

When Benjamin Sisko first appears, he has a full head of hair is clean shaven. He fairly laid back, always looking for an excuse to give his son love tips even when they are not required.

In 'Explorers', Sisko returns from a trip to Bajor, he now sports a moustache and goatee beard, one that will stay with him till the end. At this time, he still has a full head of hair.

Benjamin has a strong interest in baseball and is nearly always seen playing with a base ball. When aliens impersonate characters on the space station, they impersonate a well known base ball player for Benjamin.

An old sport Vulcan rival visited the DS9 station and challenged Sisko to a game of baseball in the holosuite. It was a rare moment of peace and relaxation that the group was able to do. Sisko named his team the Niners. Benjamin took the game too seriously as he tried to train all the senior crew members and Quark, Rom and Nog. The rival Vulcan team won the game. Take Me Out to the Holosuite

In 'Way of the Warrior', the first episode of the third series, Sisko shaves off his head and that is the look that he will have for the rest of the series. The change of style is presumably to make him look like his previous look in Spenser: For Hire where he had shaved his head.

Benjamin Sisko's Family and Relationships

In Homefront, we see his father who owns a restaurant in New Orleans and still works there. It is also revealed that Benjamin has a half-sister called Judith who lives and works in Oregon.

Jennifer Sisko

Benjamin was married to Jennifer Sisko and had one son, Jake. Sadly, Jennifer didn't live long enough to join Benjamin on Deep Space 9. Jennifer was killed during a confrontation with the Borg in what was known as Battle of Wolf 359. Wolf 359 is the actual name of a local star in the constellation of Leo, the Lion.

When Captain Jean-Luc Picard was captured and taken over by the Borg, space craft from the Federation were deployed to counter the threat. Benjamin, Jennifer and Jake were on board the U.S.S. Saratoga which entered into battle. During the battle, the Borg struck and damaged the Saratoga. The crew were able to evacuate but Jennifer was sadly killed.

Jennifer would play a major part in the two part opening series as Ben is forced to relive the moments Ben met Jennifer for the first time. Ben was on a beach and stepped onto Jennifers towel to get off the hot sand and then striking up a conversation. Jennifer would reappear in a latter episode when Ben visits an Alternate universe, one in which she is still alive.

In the mirror universe, Jennifer is still alive. Jennifer is working for the Alliance, a Bajoran/Cardassian collaboration. Jennifer is creating a device that will help the Alliance crush the rebels once and for all. To prevent her from doing so, the mirror Chief Miles O'Brien steps through to our universe and kidnaps Benjamin. It is hoped that Benjamin can persuade Jennifer from completing the device which he does before he returns to our universe.

Jake Sisko

Jake accompanies his father on board the Deep Space Nine space station. When we first meet Jake Sisko, he is a child of high school years. Over time, he grows up but doesn't join the Federation, instead becoming a journalist.

Joseph Sisko

Joseph is Benjamin's father. Unlike Benjamin, Joseph is a retaurant owner in New Orleans. Benjamin would visit his father when he gets the chance to return to Earth. When Jadzia was killed, Benjamin took a period of absense from the station and returned home. It is during this time, the first episodes of the seventh series that Benjamin discovers the truth about his parentage.

Whilst Joseph is his father, the woman he believed to be his mother wasn't. His real mother, Sarah disappeared when Benjamin was three. Joseph tried to track her down but he was too late as he discovered she had been killed. It would later transpire that his mother was a wormhole alien which is why the wormhole aliens had so much interest in Benjamin.

Benjamin discovered the truth after confronting his father about a dream about beautiful young woman in his dreams. Joseph, Jake and Ezri accompanied Benjamin to a desert planet where they discovered a chest that contained a wormhole alien which Benjamin set free The free alien re-opened the wormhole. Benjamin then returned to the space station.

Kasidy Yates

Jake Sisko introduces Kasidy to Benjamin Sisko in the episode Family Business because of a shared love of baseball Their relationship is slow to get moving, she is a captain of a space freighter so she is always on the move. It is the first serious relationship he has since the death of Jennifer.

When Benjamin Sisko finds out that Kasidy has been aiding The Maquis, he has no hesitation in arresting her and handing her over. When Kasidy is released from prison, they seemingly get back together and resume their relationship.

Benjamin with the Wedding and Pregnancy of Kasidy

During the final days of the Dominion War, Benjamin Sisko would propose and marry Kasidy on board the Deep Space 9. Jake Sisko is asked to be the best man which he accepts. Admiral William Ross presides over the ceremony. Sisko persuades Quark to do the catering. The actual wedding takes place in "Till Death Do Us Part"

After the conclusion of the fight between the Alpha Quadrant and the Dominion, Kasidy reveals that he is going to be a father once more. He does not live apparently to see the child to be born as he dies but more on that later.

Sisko's Friendships


When Benjamin arrived, he saw that Quark was leaving, taking his business with him. He requested that Quark stay and have a bar and allow some gambling on board the space station.

Jadzia Dax

Jadzia Dax is a Trill where Jadzia is a female host and Dax is a worm like creature that takes over the body of the host. Benjamin has known Dax for years including when Dax was in another host, Curzon.

When Jadzia Dax was killed by a possesed Gul Dukat, Benjamin took it hard. Benjamin and his son left Deep Space 9 and returned to Ben's fathers restaurant in New Orleans. He would stay there for three months until Lieutenant Ezri Dax, the new host of the Dax symbiont turned up at the start of the seventh series.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

After what happened at Wolf-359, Sisko can't quite accept what happened there. When Jean-Luc visited Deep Space 9 in the first episode, there is hostility between the two men. Benjamin struggles with events of Wolf-359 and this affects his behavour towards Jean-Luc.

The Emissary and the Prophets

From the first moment Sisko takes charage of Deep Space 9, he has a close connection with the aliens that live in the Wormhole. Every so often, Sisko is taken into another realm to speak with the Prophets. The Prophets appear to Sisko using the appearance of people Sisko knows in real life.

In order to prevent the Dominion from sending reinforcements through the wormhole from the Gamma Quadrant, Starfleet put up a replicating minefield. When one mine is destroyed, it is replaced with another mine. The minefield only lasts for a few weeks or months until the Dominion are able to disable the field.

With the minefield destroyed, the Dominion send through a large dettachment of Jem'Hadar fighter to back up those already in the Alpha Quadrant. Sisko appeals to the Wormhole aliens to destroy the invasion force which the aliens oblige. The Dominion decide not to send any more through for the time being.


It turns out a wormhole prophet possessed Benjamin Sisko's mother at the time of conceivement. The prophet forced his mother to conceive. When Benjamin was born, the prophet left the mother's body. After the birth, Benjamin's mother abandoned the family leaving just his dad to look after the young Benjamin. StarTrek


At the end of the series, once the joint forces of the Alpha Quadrant had been victorious against the Dominion, Sisko left the celebrations. He realised that he must confront Gul Dukat at the fire caverns of the Pah Wraith on Bajor. At the end of the confrontation, both Sisko and Gul Dukat fell into the fire.

It is assumed that he might have been saved by the Prophets or he died. Kasidy was transported to the Prophets realm where she saw Benjamin once last time. It is unclear if he died or survived. He apparently came back in non-canon books.

Captain Benjamin Sisko's Best, Worst and Memorable Episodes

Past Tense (S3 E11+12)

This is a two part episode with Benjamin Sisko, Lieutenant Jadzia Dax and Doctor Julian Bashir being beamed down into the past caused by a transporter problem. They discover they have materialised in San Francisco 2024.

San Francisco 2024 is a city where people are separated due to class and homelessness is a major issue. Benjamin realises that the date is just before the Bell Riots which is a watershed moment in the history of Earth.

During an incident in which Sisko's food cards were being stolen, a man is killed and it turns out to be Gabriel Bell who leads the riots. History is being change and in the future, the event is having a knock on effect with the Federation disappearing.

Jadzia was separated from the other two and was in the company of a business man who took to looking after her.

The rioting begins with Sisko taking on the role of Gabriel Bell and leading the rioter. History is restored and the crew eventually return to their time. Two policeman are persuaded to swaps ids with Gabriel Bell and have him as the leader of the riot and not Sisko.

Far Beyond the Stars

Sisko begins having visions of a man dressed in 20th century clothing and eventually the whole vision consumes him. Sisko believed he is a science fiction writer called Benny Russell in the 1950's. Sisko wants to write a story which he calls "Deep Space 9" about an African-American in space. The publishers don't like the story and it doesn't get published but it is written. Sisko will eventually return to normality.

The episode sees a lot of the characters out of prosthetics, i.e. Ferengi mask. Quark is shown without make-up and as a real person. Other actors that appear with make-up are shown without in this episode. The story is one about racism in the middle twentieth century, soon after the war.

In the Pale Moonlight (S6 E19)

With the war against The Dominion not working, Sisko decides that he needs to bring the Romulans on board. Together with Elim Garak, the two of them plan to create a fake video to show the Romulans of an impending attack. The get Tolar, a master forger out of prison and get him to create thje fake video.

The Romulans see through the plan and leave. Elim plants a bomb on the Romulans which explodes and implicates the Dominion in the attack. The Romulans join the fight against the Dominion after the fake video was discovered on board the wreckage of the destroyed Romulan ship.

The episode is seen through a series of video messages that Benjamin Sisko makes of the plan. Sisko feels a little anguished about what he has done but he believes the end result outweighed the method. He deletes the video entry so its never seen.

Benjamin Sisko Facts

RankCommander (1-3), Captain (3-7)
Alien RaceHuman
ActorAvery Brooks
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