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Captain Ka D'argo - Farscape

Captain Ka D'argo from Farscape played by Anthony Simcoe.

Captain Ka D'argo is a fictional male Luxan in the Farscape television series who was portrayed on screen by Anthony Simcoe. Ka D'argo is an escape criminal who was being held by the Peacekeepers for the alleged murder of his wife. It is later found that he was framed for the murder. Ka D'argo has a fiery temper which at one stage knocks Crichton unconscious (Revenging Angel). Despite all his faults, he remains fiercely loyal to the crew of Moya.

Where Spock had his famous Vulcan pinch to knock people out, Ka D'argo was able to knock people out with his tongue touching their skin.

D'argo has one son who is a re-occurring character. When D'argo finds out that his son Jothree has been have sex with Chiana, he no longer wishes to have anything to do with his son. His son come back to save his fathers life when D'argo was outside his ship in space.

Although he never got to meet him, John Crichton and Aeryn Sun named their son 'Ka D'argo' after him. Ka D'argo had died in battle against the Scarrans alongside the Peacekeepers.

When Pilot asks that only one person gives him instructions on where to fly, the crew elect Ka D'argo to be the voice of the crew and be the one to give orders.

Captain Ka D'argo Facts

Alien RaceLuxan
ActorAnthony Simcoe

Copyright: Henson

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