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Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ) - Battlestar Galactica

Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ) is a fictional male Kobolian ( 2003 ) pilot who works for Battlestar Galactica in the Battlestar Galactica franchise. He has been portrayed on screen by Jamie St. John Bamber Griffith. Capt. Leland `Lee` Adama is one of the principle characters in the series. For most of the series, he is lead pilot onboard the Battlestar Galactica. Lee is the only character from the original series that doesn`t change race or gender. The original Commander Adama played by Lorne Greene was caucasian whereas Edward James Olmos who plays his father is a Latino.

Captain Leland `Apollo` Adama

Lee Adama`s Family

Lee Adama father is the Galactica`s commanding officer, Commander William Adama but that doesn`t mean he gets an easy time of it. Lee is willing to stand up and be counted when he feels that his father is wrong. At the end of the first series, he was arrested as he sided with President Laura Roslin.

In both the original and the re-imagined series, Lee Adama had a bother, Zack. In the new series, Zack was killed in a training operation. Zack was like his brother, wanting to be a Colonial Viper pilot like their father before them. Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) was both Zack`s lover and superior training partner. Her affection for Zack got in the way. She passed him on the training course she was tutoring but Kara shouldn`t have. Only when the Cylons launch their first wave of attack in the mini-series does Lee find out the truth when Kara confesses to what she did.

Battlestar Pegasus

The Galactica finds that it is not the only surviving Battlestar, there was another, led by Admiral Helena Cain who authoritarian compared to Bill Adama. When Cain is killed by a Number Six that was being held onboard the Pegasus, control first goes to the X-O, Colonel Jack Fisk. Jack is heavily involved in the Black Market onboard the Pegasus which leads to his downfall. Control of the Pegasus then falls to the Chief Engineers. When the Chief Engineer is killed, Bill Adama assigns Lee to the Pegasus to stablise the situation.

Lee`s command of the Pegasus doesn`t last long, the Colonists sacrifice the Pegasus when they need to free the colonists from the planet that is under the control of the Cylons.

Lee`s Relationships

Lee`s relationship with Starbuck times to grow and eventually they consumate their relationship under the stars whilst away from everyone on leave on a planet. The very next day, Lee wakes to find him on his own and then discovers that Starbuck has gone and married Samuel Anders, a Professional Pyramd Sportsman turned resistance fighter then fighter pilot. Lee is upset and falls into the hands of Petty Officer Anatasia Dualla. Lee is still hurt by what Starbuck has done and Dualla is really the rebound candidate but he doesn`t let on.

Lee`s married life with Anatasia seems to be going strong but in the fourth series after they`ve been out on the tiles so to speak, Anatasia can`t take whats going on, Earth is a wreck and she sees no future so she blows her brains out when no one is about to stop her.

Life after the Military

When Dr. Gaius Baltar is put on trial, Lee wants nothing but to see him go down for siding with the Cylons on New Caprica. When someone is needed to provide protection for Gaius and Gaius`s Lawyer, Lee volunteers, knowing all too well the risks that he will be undertaking. The first lawyer assigned to defend Gaius was assassinated, the same perpetrators tried it with the second but failed to kill the lawyer. Eventually, Lee Adama joins the defence team with Romo Lumpkin being the qualified lawyer. Lee gets the opportunity to question and destroy in effect the President with questions over the President`s health.

After the trial has ended so Lee decides to leave the Colonial Viper brigade and become a politician, representing the colony of Caprica, the main colony in the series. He eventually takes over the role of the President when Laura is unable to lead.

Tom Zarek, Sagittaron Terrorist

In (Bastille Day), he is part of a team sent to a prisoner ship to get volunteers to help fetch water that was lost in (Water). The prisoners escape their holding pens and are led by Tom Zarek, a Sagittaron terrorist. Lee is held prisoner by the prisoners who want to be released and have more rights. At the end of the incident, Lee overpowers Tom Zarek and promises Tom that when the Presidents term of office ends, there will be free and fair elections. The deal that Lee makes angers both his dad and the President. Apollo manages to push it through that there will be elections as he is firm believer in democracy.

Tom Zarek is played by Richard Hatch, the actor who played Apollo in the original series. Over the time, Tom Zarek and Lee Adama become heavyweight politicians opposing each other.

Captain Apollo - Original Series

In the original series, Apollo falls in love with Serina who is a single parent. The fact that Serina has a child called Boxey doesn`t matter at all to him. When people are requested to join up as Viper pilots, Serina against Apollo`s wishes sign up. Serina`s career as a pilot is cut short and Boxey becomes an orphan. Apollo looks after the child as his own as a promise to his newly departed wife.

Captain Apollo in the original series played by Richard Hatch

In the original series, the character Apollo was played by Richard Hatch who would return to the series and play Tom Zarek, the terrorist turned politician.

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