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Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel - The Avengers

Carol Danvers from The Avengers played by Brie Larson.

Carol Danvers is a fictional female Human in the The Avengers comic series who was played on screen by Brie Larson. Captain Marvel was the first live action film centred around a female that Disney produced. Before, all the other films had been centred on male. They had been stung into action by the success of the Wonder Woman film that had previously come out.

Carol Danvers was a United States Air Force pilot who during a routine flight crashed and absorbed the power of a tesseract. She had planned to stop. Carol lost her memory and so Yon-Rogg kidnapped her to train her as a Kree soldier. The Kree were in a war gainst the shape-shifting Skrulls.

Carol was called Veers but it isn't until Carol comes to Earth that she remembers who she is and what she stands for. It turns out that Yon-Rogg had lied to her and that their honourable fight was dishonorable and that the Skrulls were merely fighting for their survival. Carol would change sides to help the Skrulls.

She returned to Earth in the nineties where Nick Fury would find her and aid her in her mission on Earth and space. Nick Fury was de-aged by computer graphics to what Sam L. Jackson looked like in the nineties with hair.

D.C. Comics, Marvel's rival also had a character called Captain Marvel but who would later be known as Shazam. D.C.'s Captain was a young boy who could turn into an adult superhero by uttering the word Shazam.

Avengers - Infinity Wars / Endgame

When Nick Fury is about to turn to dust, he activates a beacon for Carol Danvers who hears it and travels to Earth to help. She is absent from the Infinity Wars and mostly absent from Endgame. The reason being is that the actress Brie Larson was making her film at the same time and couldn't be in two places at once.

Carol comes to the aid of Tony Stark and Nebula and taking them to Earth. Carol aids the group in finding Thanos and exacting their revenge on him with Thor beheading the mad Titan. After Thanos is killed, Carol leaves the group to search other star systems.

Carol only returns later to aid in the fight battle against Thanos that will see the damaged undone by the clicking of the fingers. Given the success of the Captain Marvel character, they'll undoubtably be a sequel sometime.

Carol Danvers Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Avengers
ActorBrie Larson
Last UpdatedSaturday, May 4, 2019

Copyright: Marvel Comics

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