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Chancellor Gowron - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Chancellor Gowron from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Robert O'Reilly.

Chancellor Gowron is a fictional male Klingon Klingon Chancellor in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Robert O'Reilly. Chancellor Gowron holds the rank of Chancellor.

Chancellor Gowron is the supreme leader of the Klingons from the moment of succession in Reunion to his death at the hands of star Trek - Deep Space Nine">Worf in the very last episode of Deep Space 9.

Gowron appears in both the Next Generation and in Deep Space 9 series. Gowron is a much respected Klingon and a larger than life character. He holds Worf and Martok in high esteem.

Gowron became the new Chancellor on the death of the previous Chancellor, K'mpec. K'mpec had been poisoned and on his death bed, he asked that Jean-Luc Picard be the non-native arbiter of the contest which Picard accepted.

The other challenger to the role was Duras who would be killed by Worf in battle. Gowron would succeed to the throne. Reunion

Deep Space 9

It was thought at one time that Gowron had been replaced by a Changeling due to his decisions, however, it was revealed during an Order of the Bat'leth ceremony that Gowron was not a Changeling. Gowron had been heavily influenced by General Martok who was the actual Changeling.

Under Changeling Influence

General Martok had been abducted and replaced by a Changeling. Martok had a great influence on Gowron that worried Deep Space 9. Worf and Odo planned to unmask Gowron as a Changeling but they would soon discover who actually was the traitor.

After Martok was unmasked, Gowron rowed back on some of the decisions that he had made. Martok had persuaded Gowron to insist on the return of some lost territory which proved to be a problem. Once Martok had been unmasked, the request was withdrawn for now.

Death of Gowron

Gowron had installed Martok as leader of the Klingon forces in The Dominion War. As the war was coming to an end, Gowron sought to take a more hands on approach with the war which angered both Martok and Worf.

Martok didn't want to challenge Gowron for the throne so Worf did so instead. Gowron and Worf fought with Worf coming out as victor. Worf didn't want to be Chancellor, instead he chose Martok to be the new Chancellor who accepted with reservation.

Chancellor Gowron Facts

Alien RaceKlingon
ActorRobert O'Reilly
Last UpdatedSunday, August 11, 2019

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