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Chiana - Farscape

Chiana from Farscape played by Gigi Edgeley.

Chiana is a fictional female Nebari in the Farscape television series who was portrayed on screen by Gigi Edgeley. Chiana first appeared in the first series episode Durka Returns. She has a brother which she badly wants to see and being part of Moya, she hopes that will enable her to find him.

Although she gets on with everyone onboard Moya, she can't stand Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu and they come to blows on numerous occasions.

She is very hyperactive and can do the wrong thing on impulse. John Crichton gives her the nickname 'Pip' which he does out of affection.

She goes blind in a couple of episodes but manages to regain her sight. At the end of Bad Timings, she goes blind but when she reunites with the crew of Moya, her eyesight has been restored in the Peacekeeper Wars.

Chiana Facts

Alien RaceNebari
ActorGigi Edgeley

Copyright: Henson

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