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Chief Miles OBrien - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Miles O'Brien from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Colm Meaney.

Miles O'Brien is a fictional male Human engineer in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Colm Meaney. Miles O'Brien holds the rank of Chief.

O'Brien joins as Chief Engineer in Deep Space 9 with his wife Keiko and child. They very nearly leave at the beginning as there is nothing for Keiko to do as a botanist. Keiko changes her mind when she decides to become a teacher for the youngsters on the station such as Nog and Jake Sisko.

Miles will do anything for his family and that includes sabotaging the Deep Space 9 station. When an alien possessed Keiko O'Brien's body, Miles goes to extra-ordinary lengths to do as what he is told. He sets Rom up for the fall so that he can carry on with the task Keiko has set for him.

Chief reveals during the Bajoran crisis, the first three episodes of the second series that he has two brothers.

Next Generation

Chief Miles O'Brien first appeared in the first episode of the Next Generation. He wasn't named in the episode, he appeared as a red shirt who helped Jean-Luc Picard pilot the lower part of the craft.

He appears in other episodes mainly taking control of the transporter controls beaming people on and off the ship.

Chief Miles o'Brien's Best, Worst and Memorable Episodes

Tribunal (2x25)

Miles O'Brien is about to take some much needed rest when he meets an old friend who persuades Miles to help. When Miles and Keiko finally leave for some relaxation, their craft is captured by the Cardassians who accuse him of helping The Maquis.

Keiko returns to the station with Miles taken to Cardassia. When Odo hears of the news, he travels to Cardassia to represent Miles on the charge. Whilst Odo is defending his friend, the rest of the senior crew are searching for the person who set up Miles.

When the man who set up Miles is caught, he is taken to Cardassia. Miles is found innocent, the first person to have been found innocent in a long time. The charges against O'Brien are dropped and he's allowed to return to Deep Space 9.

Hard Time (4x19)

O'Brien visits the planet Argrathi and when he asks too many questions, O'Brien is accused of being a spy and is arrested, found guity and punished. Punishment on Argrathi is different to how its done on Earth. Instead of being locked away, memories are implanted in the guilty. Instead of doing ten or so years for a crime, ten years worth of memories are implanted.

When Miles O'Brien returns to Deep Space 9, he has false jail time memories of which he has to learn to cope with. At the start, his colleagues do not suspect anything wrong but overtime his manner being eratic and becomes a cause for concern.

Of the memories implanted is of a person called Ee'Char. Miles kiilled Ee'char over bread whilst in the fake prison. He sees Ee'char everywhere on DS9. Captain Benjamin Sisko relieves Miles of duty. Eventually, when Miles decides to take his own life, Doctor Julian Bashir steps up and begins steps to cure him.

Miles O'Brien Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorColm Meaney
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