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Chloe Sullivan - Justice League

Chloe Sullivan from Justice League played by Allison Mack.

Chloe Sullivan is a fictional female in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by actress Allison Mack. The character Chloe Sullivan was created specifically for the Smallville television series as an extra female character. In addition to Clark Kent, Chloe is the only other character that has been there since the first series.

Since her creation in Smallville, she has become part of the Superman legend, even being mentioned in the Supergirl series that came later.

Chloe is best friends with Clark Kent and Peter Ross whilst at high school in Smallville, Kansas. Her passion is working on "The Torch" newspaper which is the high schools student paper.

She fancies Clark but his heart is elsewhere with Lana Lang, also another student at the school. Everyone is aware that Chloe has feelings for Clark and it is something that Clark realises but isn't that interested.

Chloe has a place called the Wall of Wierd which whenever anything happens, she records what has happened on this wall.

Chloe's investigative nature gets the better of her and it drives a rift between between her and Clark. Chloe began investigating into Clark's past and his adoption which Clark feels she might find the truth about who he is and tries to persuade her to stop. Chloe would be asked by Lionel Luthor to do some investigating in return for an opportunity with the Daily Planet but Chloe turned it down because her friendship with Clark was more important.

As Lana Lang was still in love with Whitney Fordham at the time, Clark asked Chloe to be his guest at the end of year prom which made her year. At the last moment, Clark was unexpectedly called away so Chloe had no one.

Chloe's fascination with Clark would eventually stop and she would eventually fall in love and then marry Oliver Queen as played by Justin Hartley in Smallville.

Chloe discovers Clarks secret when Alicia, a character set up a situation where Clark Kent would be forced to use his powers. Alicia had been a yong girl who was infatuated with Clark and whom had found out Clark secret herself. When Clark refused to help Alicia, Alicia kidnapped Chloe and caused her car to nearly have an accident. Alicia who had the ability to teleport, teleported both her and Chloe out of harms way and forced Chloe watch Clark save the day.

At first, Chloe was angry that Clark had not revealed the truth to her but he had done so to Pete Ross. Eventually, Chloe would calm down and promise to keep the secret secret.

Chloe's cousin is Lois Lane, the future girlfriend and ultimately wife of Clark Kent. Chloe name drops Lois long before the character is actually introduced in the series. When Chloe is put into protective custody with her father, her death is faked and Lois Lane comes to Smallville to investigate.

Jimmy Olsen

When Chloe goes to work for the Daily Planet, she catches the eye of James 'Jimmy' Olsen, the photographer. Jimmy really wants to get on and move up the ladder instead of just being a photographer.

Jimmy manages to succeed in romancing Chloe and eventually they marry. The relationship doesn't last long and they break up. During the final courting stage, Jimmy has competition from Davis Bloom who is also infatuated with Chloe. Davis is a serial killer who can turn into Doomsday, the legendary monster that killed Clark Kent in the comics. Chloe has a calming effect on Davis so that he doesn't turn into the monster.

At the end of series eight, Chloe prevents Clark from sending Davis to the Phantom Zone and runs off with Bloom. When Clark and Oliver Queen catch up with Davis, they are able to split Davis from Doomsday using Black Kryptonite. Even though Davis is separated from Doomsday, he still wants Chloe and kills Jimmy for it before Jimmy using his last energy reserves kills Davis. Clark refuses to go back in time to save Jimmy therefore creating a wedge between Clark and Chloe.

Allison Mack

Allison became involved in the Nxivm led by Keith Raniere, an organisation that was said to empower people. The authorities didn't see it that way, it was seen as a sex cult which would eventually be closed down. Allison was seen as a top recruiter for the organisation because of her status and how famous she was.

Amongst those that she is said to have tried to encourage to join was Emma Watson, the British actress who played Hermione Watson in the Harry Potter films. Allison Mack was arrested and released on a $5 million bond. Vanity Fair

It was alleged that she was instrumental in persuading the followers in conforming to the will of the leader Keith which included sexual requirements. Those who were under the spell of the organisation were branded with the initials of the leader KR. The Guardian.

One of the people that Allison was able to involve was Nikki Clyne who is best remembered for her role as Callendra in the Battlestar Galactica series. It is said Nikki quit the series early when she became involved in the cult. Allison Mack is said to have got married to Nikki Clyne in February 2017. People

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