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Christie McCawley - Defiance

Christie McCawley is a fictional female human in the Defiance franchise. She has been portrayed on screen by Nicole Munoz. Christie McCawley is the daughter of mine owner Rafe McCawley and is very much in love with Alak Tarr. Christie`s father only wants what Christie wants, he`d rather they not get married but he`s not going to stop them. However when the wedding comes, he doesn`t stand in their way in getting eloped. Christie has to live by Castithan customs, one of those is shared baths with the parents and her husband Alak.

Christie McCawley

Christie becomes a mother to Luke, a hybrid Human-Castithan baby boy. Christie is killed off at the beginning of the third series, leaving Alak with raising the boy on his own. Christie was killed by Stahma Tarr as Stahma had a choice of who to kill and she chose Christie to die.

Christie McCawley Fact File

Alien RaceHuman
LoveAlak Tarr
ActorNicole Munoz

Copyright: 2013

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