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Clara Oswald is a fictional female human who works for Doctor Who in the Doctor Who franchise. She has been portrayed on screen by Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Clara Oswald Meeting the Doctor

Clara is a school teacher who kept appearing in The Doctor`s adventures starting with Asylum of the Daleks. The first time the Doctor encounters her, Clara is called Oswin Oswald. Clara led the Doctor to believe that she was a prisoner in the Asylum and that she needed to be rescued. It turned out that she wasn`t a hostage to the Daleks but an actual person who had been turned into Dalek and who had been unable to cope with being turned into a Dalek and so had created her own world. All the Doctor knew was what he could see on the screen of a young woman cooking soufle. When Oswin accepted the truth, she helped the Doctor and the two companions escape the planet. Oswin had been the sole survivor of a spaceship, called Alaska crash on the planet.

Another version of Clara appeared in the following Christmas edition that was set in the Victorian age. This time, Clara is known as Clara Oswin Oswald but it is only after she has been killed that the Doctor realises that the two Oswalds are the same person. The Doctor set out to investigate who she was and why so many (two at the time) appear throughout history.

Multiple Clara Oswalds Resolved

As time goes on, he discovers why he keeps seeing Clara in many instances. During an encounter with the Great Intelligence, they travel to Trezalore, the reputed place where the Doctor is buried. The Doctor is taken to the heart of the TARDIS where Clara steps through and becomes many copies of herself. The many copies of Clara appear across time and space including being inserted in old episodes featuring the first doctor. His investigations had up until then drawn a blank, there was nothing different about her compared to any of her other companions, she was from Earth and had the same interests and loves as any other woman the Doctor had met.

Clara`s Relationships

In the first full series of the Doctor Who that she appears in, Clara reveals she has a crush on the Doctor (Matt Smith incarnation) which she is forced to reveal against her will. In the second series, when the Doctor has regenerated into a more old man, Clara gets a boyfriend, Danny Pink more her age. Danny Pink stays on Earth as a ex-soldier turned teacher at her school. When Danny Pink is killed and turned into a Cyberman, Clara is angry and takes the Doctor to a lava-world and throws away all the keys to the Tardis. The Doctor has managed to keep one key so that he can get back in. Once Clara has calmed down, she decides to continue voyaging with the Doctor.

Clara`s Death

Jenna Coleman announced that she would finish her role as the Doctor`s companion at the end of the 2015 series, this will make her longest serving companion of the Doctor since the series came back. She will overtake Amy Pond which had the current record.

During Face the Raven, Clara is killed by a Raven as she became marked for death trying to saving Reggie, a previous episodes character from Death. The episode had a large number of complaints. However, the Doctor decides to travel back in time, just before Clara dies and rescue her from death. At the end of the Hell Bent, Clara is still alive and working as a waitress in a diner that turns out to be a time machine like the TARDIS where she is travelling with Ashildr.

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