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Clark Kent - Superman - Justice League

Clark Kent from Justice League played by Christopher Reeves

Clark Kent is a fictional male Human newsreporter in the Justice League comic series who was played on screen by Christopher Reeves, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill. Clark Joseph Kent is the everyday, non-heroic side of Superman, a comic book character from Detective Comics (D.C. Comics). Using the most flimsiest of disguises, by wearing glasses, Clarke Kent is unrecognisable as Superman. When Clarke is not saving the world, he works at the Daily Planet, a fictional newspaper that is produced and published in Metropolis. He uses his role as newsreporter so that he can gets news of what is happening around the world and local and resolve the situation. His Kryptonian name is Kal-El which no one uses on Earth.

Superman is able to jump higher than a skyscraper in a single bound and run faster than a speeding bullet. In Superman, Clark Kent travels round the Earth at faster than the speed of light and is able to time travel back in to the past when he failed to save Lois Lane from being killed in an Earthquake.

His boss is Perry White, the editor in chief. Perry is unaware of Clark's alter ego. In an episode of the nineties series, a drunken Lois Lane says Clark looks like Superman in a jokey kind of way.

An attempt at creating a sequel to the Christopher Reeves films, Superman Returns fell flat. The premise had been that Clark had returned from some time on another planet and was trying to get back to where he left off. His love, Lois Lane is now a mother with a five year old and is to marry Richard White, son of Perry White.

Krypton, Home of Birth

Clark was born on another planet called Krypton and was sent to Earth in a capsule where he would age slowly. Krypton was destroyed and only a few of the Kryptonians survived, some good such as his cousin Kara Danvers and some bad, General Zod. Kara came as a protector because she was older than him but due to space travel, Clark landed on Earth years before Kara because of a space anamoly. When Clark arrives on the planet in a space capsule, he is found by a couple, Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent in Smallville, Kansas who raise him as their own child. They teach him a good sense of morals and keep him on the straight and narrow. Jonathan is killed when a tornado rips through their homestead and Jonathan tells Clark not to save him. When his adoptive parents die, he moves to Metropolis to carve out a career.

The only thing that can kill Superman is if he were to come into close contact with Kryptonite, rock from his home planet. Different colours of the rock will do different things to Superman from killing him (green) to removing all his powers (gold). Ref:Geek and Sundry.. In Superman III, Ross Webster, the millionaire tries to kill Superman by giving him an imperfect Kryptonite rock which instead of killing him causes Supermans behaviour to change and eventually split into two which then fight one another in a scrapyard.

In collaboration with Neil deGrasse Tyson, the well known astronomer, DC Comics announced that they have identified the star that Krypton orbits round. The star is LHS 2520. Its not a well known star, you can't see it without a telescope. The constellation Corvus was chosen to host the planet because the mascot of Clark's high school is the Smallville Crows and Corvus is the constellation of the Crow.

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Clark Kent in Lois and Clark played by Dean Cain

In the nineties, there was an attempt and a successful one too to bring Clark Kent to the small screen. The series lasted 87 episodes. As the name implied, the series wasn't totally centred on Clark but also Lois Lane, the girlfriend and future wife of Clark. Stepping in to play Clark Kent was Dean Cain.

The series would start when Clark goes to work for the Daily Planet and meets the intrepid reporter Lois Lane. The series was focussed on both characters rather than purely on Clark. During the series, they would face Lex Luthor with a full head of hair unlike other interpretations because the actor didn't want to go bald. In addition to this, he would also face off against General Zod and Mister Mxyzptlk to name just a couple of antagonists.

Once the series finished, both would go their own ways with Teri Hatcher (Lois Lane) starring in Desperate Housewives and Dean starring in a number of movies and television. Both actors would return to the Superman franchise appearing in Smallville and Supergirl episodes albeit not as the same characters as before.


Clark Kent in Smallville played by Tom Welling

2002 saw the release of Smallville, a television series showing the high school years of Clark Kent in his home town of Smallville, surprise!!!. The first episode briefly touched on him arriving on Earth along with a large amount of Krytonite meteorites. The meteorites gave various people powers such as controlling animals (e.g. bees) and chameleon ability (able to change what they looked like). In the very first episode, we also got to see why Lex Luthor is bald. Lex had a bush of auburn hair which he lost when he was affected by the meteor shower that occurred on that day.

Lois Lane doesn't appear in the first number of series, instead, Clark's interest is in Lana Lang played by Kristin Kreuk. Sadly for Clark, Lana is already spoken for by Whitney Fordman, played by Eric Johnson who would later go on to play Flash Gordon in a remake of the series.

In latter series, Justice League characters appear in the episodes. The most noticeably absent member of Justice League is Batman reputedly because of copyright issues. The most frequently seen member of the Justice League other than Clark is Oliver Queen, a.k.a The Arrow as played by Justin Hartley. Other Justice League members include Arthur Curry and Cyborg.

Jonathan Kent is played by John Schneider who people may remember him as the blonde Beauregard "Bo" Duke from Dukes of Hazard. There is a nod to the Dukes of Hazard in the Nicodemus episode in the first episode where Jonathan is playing music on the car radio and it happens to be the theme tune to the Dukes of Hazards. Its not the only nod to the Dukes as Tom Wopat appears in an episode. Tom Wopat played Lucas K. "Luke" Duke in the Dukes makes an appearance in the episode Exposed as a frend of Jons.

Clark is only now in the series beginning to fully discover his powers and is trying them out to help people. He doesn't at the start know how to fly but it eludes to it when he wakes up apparently floating in the air and then crashing down to Earth when he wakes up. He discovers x-ray eyes pretty quickly in the series.

Clark and Lex Luthor are friends in the series after Clark saves Lex from drowning when the car careers off a bridge into the Smallville river.

Both Christopher Reeves and Margot Kidder had bit parts in the Smallville series. Christopher played a scientist who was able to provide Clark with some information. When we saw Christopher on screen, the music from the eighties music played.

After Christopher Reeves passed away, Margot Kidder appeared in the series as a colleague of Christopher's character to carry on providing information to the Kents about Clark including information about Black Kryptonite.

Justice League

Superman belongs to the Justice League, which is D.C. Comics equivalent of The Avengers, a grouping of D.C.'s comic heroes. The group also includes Kara Danvers - Supergirl, Diana Prince - Wonder Woman, Bruce Wayne - Batman, Hal - The Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and others.

Marvel took a head start with the Avengers, getting two movies of their grouping before the first Justice League film came out, Batman Vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice. In the first Justice League film, the two main superheroes, Batman and Superman are sworn enemies before working together to stop a new threat that threatens them the most.

Superman was rebooted in 2013, no sequel, no prequel, right from the beginning which sees him arrive on Earth again. Henry Cavill takes up the mantle of being Clark Kent. In the film, Clark has yet to join the Daily Planet, he comes across as someone trying to find his way in life. Whilst in previous incarnations of the character, the adopted parents are not killed at the start but die at various points in the film, as mentioned, Jonathan dies in a Tornado. Lex Luthor doesn't make an appearance, instead the antagonist is General Zod, a dictatorial leader from his home planet of Krypton.

During the fight between Superman and General Zod, large parts of Metropolis is destroyed. Bruce Wayne promises himself that he will get his revenge on Superman. Bruce is investigating Lex Luthor and discovers that Lex has found some Kryptonite, the type that can kill Superman. Bruce manages to get hold of the Kryptonite and turn it into a gas form that can be sprayed on Superman. The Kryptonite gas is not strong enough to kill Clark, just weaken him.

Lex Luthor manages to get Superman to confront Batman which Superman doesn't want to do but has to to save his Earth mother. Whilst the fighting is great, how they becomes friends is the worst part of the film. Batman stops fighting when he finds out that they both have mothers with the same name.

Batman and Superman team up to fight Doomsday, an abomination created by Lex Luthor. Superman sacrifices himself to save Earth from Doomsday as he does in the comic from which the creature is a nod from. Also involved in the fight is Wonder Woman.

After Clark's funeral, Batman and Wonder Woman set about creating Justice League to fight Steppenwolf, an enemy from another world. Batman recruits Barry Allen and Aquaman to the group.

Back from the Dead

After Superman sacrificed his life to kill Doomsday, the world went into shock and morning. When Steppenwolf began his attack on Earth, Batman against the wishes of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman brings Superman back to life. Batman uses the technology that was used to turn Victor Stone in to the Cyborg. Diana Prince felt Superman should rest in peace. With the help of Barry Allen, the Flash, Superman was resurrected.

Once Clark was resurrected, Clark didn't immediately fall into line, the other members of the Justice League had to calm him. At first, Batman stayed back because he in some way felt responsible for Clarks death. Clark asks Bruce what he wants and make up his mind, a dead Superman or a living Superman. Clark fought the League until Lois Lane arrived to calm Clark down where they then both flew off to Smallville so that Clark could comprehend exactly what had happened.

With a little bit of coaxing and calming down, Lois Lane was able to prepare Clark Kent and get him back into the fight against Steppenwolf. At the end, Batman and Superman become buddies once more with Bruce Wayne helping Martha Kent out when her foreclosed on her. Bruce replies he bought the bank that foreclosed.

In the comics, when Superman came back from the dead, he had a different outfit to what he wore before his death, in the films, Superman keeps the same outfit as before.

Colours of Kryptonite and his Weakness

There's only one thing that can kill Clark Kent and that's Kryptonite. When Clark arrived on Earth, remnants of his planet came too. In a bizarre turns of events, any of the meteorite rocks that arrived at the same time can have an effect on Clark and some can actually kill him. The Kryptonite can come in a variety of different colours, each have a different affect on him.

Green Kryptonite

Green Kryptonite is by far the most common and the most deadly. If he comes into contact with the green stuff, he will become weak and be unable to move or use any of his superhero powers. When Ross Webster, the antagonist in the third Christopher Reeve movie wanted Superman out of the way, Ross located some Green Kryptonite and gave it to Superman. Instead of killing Superman, it altered Superman as the Krypton was contaminated.

Green Kryptonite was obtained by Lex Luthor in the hope of killing Superman in Batman Vs. Superman. The Green Kryptonite was stolen by Bruce Wayne who turned it into a gas to weaken Superman so he Batman would be able to defeat Superman.

Earth humans are supposedly immune to the effects of Green Kryptonite. In the series, Green Kryptonite under certain circumstances was able to alter a humans physiology and give them powers for example, invisibility and super strength.

Red Kryptonite

Whereas Green Kryptonite is bad for Clark's physical wellbeing, red is for the mental wellbeing. Red Kryptonite alters Clark's personality. In the Smallville series, Red Kryptonite made Clark have a carefree attitude and do things that he would never have done otherwise. Jonathan and Pete Ross joined forces to get the ring off off Clark and return him to normality. After a traumatic incident in his life, he put on a Red Kryptonite ring and headed to Metropolis. He would eventually be turned back and persuaded to take off the ring.

Black Kryptonite

Black Kryptonite splits Clark into two persons, a good and a bad version who then fight it out. In Smallville, after Clark came back from seeing Jor-El, his real father, Martha used Black Kryptonite to split Clark and get the two Clarks to fight it out. The Back Kryptonite was supplied by Bridgette Crosby (Played by Margot Kidder who played Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeve movies), a close friend of Virgil Swann. The black Kryptonite worked and Clark returned to his normal self.

Silver Kryptonite

Silver Kryptonite plays havoc with Clark's mind. Where red Kryptonite gives Clark a carefree attitude, silver Kryptonite makes Clark paranoid and think everyone is out to get him or lie to him. It makes him think up situations that aren't real, for example, he thinks that when see his father with Lionel Luthor, that his father is talking about him. When Clark waves pieces of paper at his father, Clark sees dollar notes but everyone else sees paper.

Fortress of Solitude

Clark Kent has a castle in the Arctic made of crystals that he visits to be alone. He also visits there for training and communicating with his father Zor-El. Although there is quarters for him, he chooses to return to Metropolis to live.

The Fortress typically comes about when Clark throws a crystal and this creates the Fortress. The fortress has appeared in most of the recent adaptations, although for Adventures of Lois & Clark series, the name was given to a treehouse rather than an ice citadel.

The Fortress might have been synonymous with Clark Kent but Kara Danvers has her own fortress.

Only those that Clark invites can get to visit, however, Lex Luthor manages to locate the fortress in the Smallville episode Arctic. The episode marked his last appearance in the series until the very final episode.

Clark Kent / Superman's Friends

Lois Lane

Lois Lane is a newspaper reporter at the Daily Planet, the same newspaper that Clark works at. For many versions of the Superman story, Lois is not aware of Clark Kent being Superman however in the Justice League films starting with Batman Vs. Superman, Lois Lane is fully aware that Clark is Superman. When Clark is unable to prevent Lex Luthor from bombing Congress, Clark doubts himself. Lois tries to pull him out of it but is unable to.

Martha and Jonathan Kent

Although they were unable to have children of themselves, they took it upon them to raise and look after Clark Kent after finding him. Martha and Jon found the space ship that bought Kal-El as he was known then to the planet. They would raise him as their own in Smallville, Kansas.

Perry White

Perry White is the editor in chief at the Daily Planet. In the recent films, Laurence Fishburne became the first non-white actor to take on the role of Perry White to some peoples annoyance, for some out of consistency. Larry appeared as Perry in "Man of Steel" and "Batman vs. Superman" films but didn't appear in the latter "Justice League" film.

Clark Kent Facts

Alien RaceHuman
ActorChristopher Reeves, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill
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