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Coker Fasjovik

Coker Fasjovik is a fictional male Human Pilot in the Battlestar Galactica series. The character was portrayed on screen by Ben Cotton. His allegiance / loyalty is to The Battlestar Galactica. Coker only appears in the Blood and Chrome one off film. The film is set during the first Cylon War when Commander William Adama has just graduated from the academy. Coker doesn't like the fact that he's been partnered with a rookie but comes to accept it.

Coker Fasjovik played by Ben Cotton in <a href=/spaceship/battlestar>Battlestar</a> Galactica Blood and Chrome

The mission to take Becca Kelly first to a secret Battlestar deep inside Cylon territory. From there, the two pilots are ordered to travel to Djerba, a snow covered holiday world for the colonists. On Djerba, the three people need to meet up with a group already there. Coker becomes increasing sceptical of the mission and eventually decides to pull the mission but Adama and Becca wants to continue.

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