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Colonel Kira Nerys - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Kira Nerys from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Nana Vistor.

Kira Nerys is a fictional female Bajoran in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Nana Vistor. Kira Nerys holds the rank of Colonel.

Kira Nerys is an one time Bajoran freedom fighter, fighting the Cardassians oppression on Bajor population. She had a romantic side to her with trysts with Constable Odo. When Nana Vistor became pregnant in real life, they wrote her pregnancy into the story, he became a surrogate for Chief Miles O'Brien' s wife.

Kira Nerys is introduced in the series as Major Kira Nerys. By the seventh series, she is promoted to Major in both starfleet and in the Bajoran Militia (army).

When Kira Nerys is sent back to Bajor, the only senior member of the crew to try to persuade Kira otherwise was Odo but it didn't succeed. Kira returned to Bajor as requested.

Kira is very religious and believes in the Bajoran religion. When Vedek Winn comes to the station, Winn is disappointed to learn that Keiko O'Brien is teaching a secular syllabus. Kira reveals she believes in the teachings of the religion and that they must be part of the syllabus.

It is revealed in Meridian that Kira hates the holodeck and won't go anywhere near it. When Quark has to try and persuade Kira to get a holodeck copy of her done, he fails spectacularly to get the image.

Kira's mum became a concubine for the Cardassians. Kira hated her mum for it. When Kira travelled back in time, she was able to meet her mum and discovers that Kira's mum had done what she had done to keep the rest of the family safe.


In real life, Nana Visitor met and married Alexander Siddig who played Julian Bashir in the series. Nana was pregnant and her pregnancy was written into the story. The story behind her pregnancy was that Keiko O'Brien was injured and the baby had to be transferred from Keiko to another female and Kira volunteered. The episode where she becomes pregnant is Body Parts,

Just because Nana was pregnant, her character was still able to play an acitive role in the series. Kira's action scenes were carefully choreographed or a stand in actress took the place. The child is born in The Begotten episode where people are seen playing soothing music to her to help her.


Keira has a high profile relationship with Vedek Bareil in the first few series before he is killed. Kira's turns to Shaakar who was a leader of a resistance unit whilst under Cardassian occupation. Shaakar becomes the leader of the Bajoran when Vedek Winn withdraws from the election.

In real life, Nana Vistor and Alexander Siddig who played Doctor Julian Bashir became romantically involved. They would eventually marry and have a child during the making of the series. The pregnancy was written into the story.

Kira Nerys and Constable Odo

Constable Odo had a soft spot for Kira but they never had a relationship. Odo tried to keep his feeling for her secret but other people were aware of the feelings such as Lwaxana Troi when she visited the station.

It was not until a holodeck hologram called Vic Fontaine tricked both Kira and Odo to be in the same holodeck "adventure" that their true feelings for one another become apparent. Both believe the other one is a hologram and not the real thing.

Assisting the Cardassians

When Deep Space Nine">Benjamin Sisko discovers that there is a rebel organisation with in the Cardassians, he orders Kira to put her hatred for the Cardassians and to help them rebel. Kira was assisted by Elim Garak to meet with Damar and help train and assist the resistance movement.

Kira hated the Cardassians but she saw that to help with the fight against The Dominion, she had to put her dislike for the Cardassians behind her. Benjamin wanted Kira to teach the rebel Cardassians guerilla tactics. It would be too hard to take the Cardassians head on so a more subtle attack would be required, small hit and runs would be required.

Kira Nerys spent the last days of the Dominion War operating undercover with the Cardassian resistance causing an uprising against the Founders. What had caused the schism between the Dominion and the Founders had been the Changeling in charge had handed over Cardassian teritory to the Breen. Damar had thought the hand over was a step too far and so launched the rebellion.

Kira Nerys's Best and Worst Episodes


Kira Nerys is sent to a Bajoran moon in order to persuade the remaining occupants to move. The Bajoran government want to redevelop the moon but three occupants are removing to budge. Kira builds up a great rapport with one of the remaining occupants. In the end, the occupant does move from his home.

Necessary Evil

We find out a bit about her past during the Cardassian occupation of the Deep Space 9 station. Kira Nerys was on board the station. During her time, she discovered a shop owner, Vaartik was a collaborator with the Cardassians. She assassinated him to stop him from helping the enemy.

In the present, Constable Odo realised who killed Vaartik when Kira showed no emotion when Odo spoke. Odo decided not to arrest her and instead kept her involvement in the murder quiet.

Second Skin

In Second Skin, Kira is kidnapped by the Cardassian Obsidian Order and turned into a Cardassian. The Obsidian Order try to make out that Kira is a Cardassian who underwent surgical surgey to become Bajoran. Kira has always been Bajoran, the Obsidian Order had kidnapped Kira so that they could flush out those that are against the Cardassian Central Command leadship.

The Darkness and The Light

A Cardassian who was injured during a resistance bombing begins his revenge on Kira and the rest of Shakaar's. The Cardassian, Silaran kills members of Kira's group, every time someone is killed, a voice counting is played. The voice turns out to be Kiras. Kira manages to track down and confront Silaran on a desolate planet. Kira is pregnant at the time.

Kira Nerys Facts

Alien RaceBajoran
ActorNana Vistor
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