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Commandant Mele-On Grayza

Commandant Mele-On Grayza is a fictional female Sebecean in the Farscape series. The character was portrayed on screen by Rebecca Riggs. Commandant Mele-on Grayza is introduced in Into the Lions Den, Wolf in Sheeps Clothing when she storms into Scorpius's battlecruiser and demands the escape prisoners be arrested.

Commandant Mele-on Grayza

Grayza becomes the main Peacekeeper antagonists in the fourth and final full series. She is not above using her feminity to get what she wants, she uses it against John Crichton and also on Captain Meeklo Braca. In real life, Rebecca Riggs was pregnant so rather than writing her out of the Peacekeeper Wars, they wrote her pregnancy into it but didn't explain who the father was.

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