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Commander Adama (Original Series) - Battlestar Galactica

Commander Adama from Battlestar Galactica played by Lorne Greene.

Commander Adama is a fictional male Kobolian captain in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was played on screen by Lorne Greene. Commander Adama holds the rank of Commander within the Battlestar Galactica.

Lorne Greene is also known for playing Ben Cartwright in the television series Bonanza.

Commander Adama is the most senior officer of the Battlestar Galactica in the televison series. He presided over the fleet as they attempted to find the thirteenth tribe of Kobol, a place known as Earth. Unlike his re-imagined version, Commander Adama didn't have a first name, just a title and a surname.

For most of the series, he would be seen in the bridge giving out orders to the fleet. He did venture down to Kobol when the fleet reaches the planet to locate the way to Earth. Kobol is a desert like planet with inspiration coming from Ancient Egyptian ruins.

Commander Adama was weary of the peace that Count Baltar allegedly said he had brought. Adama maintained space patrols including the one that discovered the oncoming Cylon attack. Despite telling the Twelve Colonies Council of the oncoming threat, the Councillors refused to accept what Adama was telling them. The councillors accepted Baltars reasoning that the Cylons were nothing to worry about.

Adama's Family

Commander Adama had two sons, Zak Adama and Capt. Apollo. Zak was the youngest of the two and was eager to get his stripes when he volunteered for a patrol with his elder brother. The patrol was the one that would discover the attack. Zak was not able to make it back to the fleet to alert them and was killed by the Cylons. Apollo had to make the hard choice to leave his brother behind.

Whilst the other Battlestar commanders were being entertained, Adama put his Colonial Vipers on high alert. When the Cylon attack came, the Vipers were able to protect the Galactica from attack when all the other Battlestars were being destroyed.

Apollo would find live in the form of Serina, a widowed survivor from Caprica and they would become married. Through the union, Adama became a grandfather to Serina's son, Boxey.

In addition to having two sons, he also had a daughter, Lieutenant Athena. Athena worked onboard the bridge of the Galactica and at the start being romantically involved with Lieutenant Starbuck. Starbuck would eventually two-time Athena and settle into a relationship with Cassiopeia. Athena would see her role shift from the bridge to become a teacher for children.

After the Cylon Attack

After the attack, Adama visited Caprica and told the survivors that they would leave and try to find the thirteenth colony known as Earth. Adama didn't actually know where the thirteenth colony actually was but he told the survivors otherwise to give them hope.

Adama would not live to see the day when the Galactica discovered Earth. Adama didn't appear in the spin off Galactica 1980 series.

Commander Adama Facts

Alien RaceKobolian
AllegianceThe Battlestar Galactica
ActorLorne Greene
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