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Commander Cain - Battlestar Galactica

Commander Cain from Battlestar Galactica played by Lloyd Bridges.

Commander Cain is a fictional male Kobollian Commander in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was played on screen by Lloyd Bridges. Commander Cain holds the rank of Commander within the Battlestar Galactica.

Lloyd Bridges is also remembered as the pilot in the comedic disaster movies, Airplanes I and II.

In the original series, there were a few episodes where the original Battlestar Galactica came across the Pegasus. Whilst in the re-imagined series, Cain was an Admiral, in the original, he was a Commander who got demoted by Adama who was the more senior. The character appeared in Living Legend two-part series. The original Cain had a daughter, Lieutenant Sheba.

Before the attack by the Cylons, Admial Cain was in a relationship with Cassiopeia but they got separated. When the Battlestar Pegasus is found, Admiral Cain and Cassiopeia look to want to rekindle their romance much to Lieutenant Starbuck's disappointment.

Out of all the commanders, Helena Cain, the Adamas and the Tighs, the original Cain flew into battle controlling a Colonial Viper.

Admiral Cain was known as a Living Legend for feats he had undertook hence the title of the first episode he appeared in was The Living Legend. He received great respect from his colleagues and when Adama temporarily downgraded the Admiral, the crew of the Pegasus was willing to mutiny to get him back. When the Cylons launched an all out attack on the Galactica fleet, Cain was reinstated in command of the Pegasus.

Attack on Gamoray

The two Battlestar Galactica launch an attack on a Cylon outpost on Gamoray, a planet. The Cylon post has a large fuel dump and at the time, the Cylon Supreme Leader is also visiting. Unfortunately, the Colonials are only able to take out the fuel dump with the Cylon Supreme Leader surviving.

After the battle, the Pegasus was damaged heavily but it didn't return to the fleet. The fate of the Pegasus remained unknown, presumably so that they could bring the Pegasus back at a later date.

The episodes featuring Commander Cain were merged and become the second Battlestar Galactica movie. The first movie was an edited version of the opening three parter of the series.

Admiral Helena Cain

The character got gender-swapped for the 2003 re-imagined series. The character became Admiral Helena Cain played by Michelle Forbes. Helena was a more serious character and more battle orientated, she had little regard for survivors, stripping the survivor crafts and taking only what she needed.

Commander Cain Facts

Alien RaceKobollian
AllegianceThe Battlestar Galactica
ActorLloyd Bridges
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