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Commander Nieman

Commander Nieman is a fictional male Human in the Dark Matter series. The character was portrayed on screen by David Richmond-Peck. Commander Nieman is the senior officer of the Ferrous Corporation who appears as a special guest in some of the episodes. His first appearance is in Episode 2 where he travels to the planet that he had sent the crew of the Raza to eliminate the inhabitents. He was outwitted by Portia Lin who sought an alliance for the planet with Delaney Truffault of the rival Mikkei Combine.

Commander Nieman of the Ferrous Corporation.

Commander Nieman visits the EOS-7 spacestation at the end of series 2 where he tries to get an alliance together. He always knew his alliance would not work and so set about blowing up the station with a bomb implanted in an robot. Emily Kolburn befriended the robot which had an almost human feel about it. No one was able to disarm the bomb and so it was ejected from the spacestation. Another bomb planted on the station by Ryo Tetsuda did go off and cause damage to the station thus causing major friction between the corporations which Nieman had wanted all along.

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