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Commander William Riker - Star Trek - The Next Generation

Commander William Riker from Star Trek - The Next Generation played by Jonathon Frakes.

Commander William Riker is a fictional male Human in the Star Trek - The Next Generation television series who was portrayed on screen by Jonathon Frakes. Commander William Riker is the second in charge of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701D and leads away parties to investigate situations. In the first few episodes of the first series, he didn't have a beard, it grew over the course of the first series and stuck all through the series.

Commander Riker would be referred to as Number One by Picard which Picard would be instructing him todo something. Riker appeared in the first episode, being picked by at Farpoint space station. In the first few episodes, Riker was clean shaven but over time, he grew his beard which stayed with him.

In the very last episode of Enterprise prequel series, Riker and Deanna Troi are the main characters watching how the Federation came together. It has been voted one of the worst episodes in all the Star Trek series. CNet


Riker is loyal to USS Enterprise NCC-1701D but when he takes part in an exchange program with the Klingons, his loyalty is put to the test. He gains the Klingon Ship's respect when he puts temporary allegiance to the Klingons instead of the Enterprise.

When Captain Jean-Luc Picard was kidnapped and replaced by an alien in disguise, Riker eventually overruled and ordered the ship to change course. Riker would always out the safety of the crew if he felt that the actions of what he was doing was wrong.


He had a relationship with Deanna Troi, the ships councillor which broke off briefly then he gets back with her and they marry in Star Trek X, Nemesis. Whilst he was on a break from Deanna, Deanna had a relationship with Commander Worf which didn't seem to faze Commander Riker, in fact he encouraged it.

Thomas Riker

In an unfortunate incident with the transporter machines, Riker is duplicated and has a twin who takes the name Thomas Riker. Thomas goes off on his own and starts causing problems which Riker then has to deal with.

Thomas Riker joins the Maquis and would later impersonate the real Riker by stealing the U.S.S. Defiant and using it to cause trouble between the Federation and the Cadassians.


Commander Riker made a guest appearance on the Voyager series. When Captain Kathryn Janeway is trying to decide whether or not to give an Omnipotent from the Q-Continuum asylum onboard the Voyager, Q brings Riker to the Voyager as part of his evidence. Riker is returned to his time and space with his memory erased of the incident.

Jonathan Frakes

In addition to being in front of the camera, he was also behind. Jonathan directed Star Trek VIII, First Contact which was widely highly regarded. He then directed the follow up Star Trek IX, Insurrection which wasn't as liked. The curse of the odd numbered films struck again.

Commander William Riker Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe USS Enterprise NCC-1701D
LoveDeanna Troi
ActorJonathon Frakes

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