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Commander William Adama - Battlestar Galactica

Commander William Adama from Battlestar Galactica played by Edward James Olmos.

Commander William Adama is a fictional male Kobolian ( 2003 ) commander in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was portrayed on screen by Edward James Olmos. Commander William Adama was looking forward to retirement of both him and his ship, the Battlestar Galactica when news came of the Cylon attack. He managed to protect his ship so that it wasn't destroyed like the other battlestars. For a long time, he believed that his was the only battlestar until he came across the Battlestar Pegasus captained by Admiral Helena Cain.

The Adama Family

William Adama is Tauron by birth but his family moved to Caprica when William was young. His father, Joseph Adama was a lawyer for dubious businesses. Uncle Sam Adama was a vicious thug for criminal organisation and was professional hitman. If Sam had his way, William wouldn't be in the military, instead he would be a hitman like Sam.

Williams' sister, Tamara and mother Shannon Adama was on a train when it was blown up by terrorists belonging to the religious monthestic terrorists, Soldiers of the One. Tamara's virtual soul lived on in the virtual world but William never got to see her.

In A Day in the Life, we see what married life was like for William. William was married to Carolanne who was the mother to both Lee ( Apollo ) and Zack Adama. His memories of his and Carolanne one was a happy one. However, Lee shocks wakes him up to the reality when he discovers his father is drinking to get over it. The main cause of the fighting between the married couple was that William was away for a lot of the time and that was causing a strain on their family life.

Zack and Kara Thrace

Zack like his bother Lee and his father wanted to be Colonial Viper pilot. Zack was in a relationship with his trainer, Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ). Having the relationship clouded Starbuck's decision making and she passed Zack on a test where he should have failed him. After "passing" the test, Zack was involved in an accident and died. William is told by Lee after Starbuck confesses on the eve of the war against the Cylons. William is enraged but feels that the survival of the colonists is more important and after a fit of rage, tells Kara to get back to work.

In the original series, Zack was killed in the opening episode by the Cylons. Zack had been eager to go out on patrol, his first ever. Starbuck knew how much it meant to Zack so he allowed Zack to take his place. During a routine patrol, Zack was unable to make it back to the Galactica. Apollo had to go on his own and leave his brother to the Cylons. Zack never made it back. Apollo had a close brotherly connection with Starbuck, the two of them were never far apart from one another.

Friendship with Saul Tigh

William has had a close relationship with Saul Tigh since the war times. When William stood down from the command, he had no hesitation to promote Col. Saul Tigh to leadership of the Galactica. He was unaware until the end that Saul was a Cylon. Given that he had trusted Athena and was willing to agree a pact with the Cylons meant he was willing to see people as individuals and not collectively.

Relationship with Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii

Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ) was a senior Colonial Viper pilot who throughout the first series had doubts as to whether she was human or Cylon. After solo destroying a Cylon Basestar by planting a nuclear bomb inside, Sharon returns to the Galactica and then shoots William. During Williams time recuperating, Saul Tigh takes control of the fleet. Sharon is shot dead by Cally as Sharon is being led along a corridor.

When Lt. Helo returns to the fleet with a pregnant Boomer clone, William finds it hard to accept Sharon but eventually does. The clone that came back with Helo is renamed Athena, a nod to the character in the first series. Over time, Athena gains the trust of Adama and they become trusting of one another.

Relationship with President Laura Roslin

William and President Laura Roslin agreed that matters relating to military would be taken by William and everything else would be dealt with by Laura. When Kara disobeys William and heads back to Caprica to collect an Arrow of Apollo, William orders the arrest of Laura and puts her in the brig, causing a crisis in the fleet. Over time, the two of them grow close to the extent that they end up sleeping together.

When the Galactica fleet eventually reach the new planet of Earth, that is our planet, the colonists spread out across the planet. On his way to a new location, Laura finally succumbs to cancer and dies with only him as company.

Friendship with Admiral Helena Cain

When the Galactica found Battlestar Pegasus, Helena took control of the fleet much to the disappointment of William. He plotted with Kara to kill Cain who had plotted with Colonel Jack Fisk to kill Adama. At the end of the successful destruction of the Resurrection Ship, both decided to no go ahead with the assassination plans. However, for Cain, it was not going to end well, Dr. Gaius Baltar released a Number Six clone who was being held in brig and was being tortured for information.

After Admiral Cain was killed, William assumed command of the fleet. William was determined that command of the Pegasus would come from within, first he promoted Colonel Jack Fisk. Fisk was a bad choice for the command as he was heavily involved with the Black Market onboard the Pegasus. The next one in charge was the Chief Engineer whose command didn't last long. In the end, he assigned his son Lee to command the Pegasus until someone could be identified and promoted to the Captainship.

William 'Husker' Adama - Blood and Chrome

Blood and Chrome is the only film that is fully set during the first war against the Cylons in the re-imagined series. In the Plan, we do see William on a mission as the armistice is about to be announced. William 'Husker' Adama is assigned to a top secret mission with Coker Fasjovik as the co-pilot. His first and only mission is to deliver Becca Kelly to an Ice world deep in Cylon territory. The Ice World is probably a nod to Gun on Ice planet episode of the original series.

William 'Husker' Adama in the Blood and Chrome webisodes played by Luke Pasqualino

The actor who plays Adama in the film is different to the actor who played Adama in the film Razor. Although both operations are set on Ice worlds, they are completely different missions.

Commander Adama - Original Series

Commander Adama is the last captain of the Battlestar Galactica who is nearing retirement. When the Cylons attack, he manages to direct the Galactica to safety. Once the Cylons have finished their attack, he orders everyone to take to space ships, they're leaving the solar system and heading for a planet known as Earth. His second in command is Col. Tigh.

Adama believes that when they get to Earth, the inhabitants of the lost tribe will be technologically advanced enough to help beat the Cylons. However when gets to Earth, he finds that the inhabitants are nowhere near as advanced as he had hoped.

Adama has a son, Capt. Apollo where he has at times an awkward time relationship wise with. He directs the fleet from the bridge and rarely appears anywhere else. He does visit a planet.

Commander Adama played by Lorne Greene in the original series.

Commander William Adama Facts

Alien RaceKobolian ( 2003 )
AllegianceThe Battlestar Galactica
ActorEdward James Olmos

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