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Constable Odo - Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Odo from Star Trek - Deep Space Nine played by Rene Auberjonois.

Odo is a fictional male Changling policeman in the Star Trek - Deep Space Nine television series who was played on screen by Rene Auberjonois. Odo holds the rank of Constable.

Constable Odo is a Changeling from the Gamma Quadrant, he got left behind in this side of the galaxy during a mission by his people. He is able to change into any one or anything.

He is also the chief of security for the station and takes his role very seriously. When the Cardassians controlled the station, Odo was responsible for security. When Captain Benjamin Sisko arrived, he asked Odo to stay on which he did. When United Federation of planets sent a security officer, Odo threatened to quit until Sisko told Odo he was the senior of the two security officers.

Odo doesn't carry a gun because when he changes, the gun will either have to be dropped or place somewhere.

He is not against bending the rules when its needed. When he find out that Col. Kira Nerys is responsible for the first murder he investigated, he sweeps it under the carpet.

In Heart of Stone, Odo reveals how his name came about. When he was first found by the Cardassians, they didn't know who or what he was. He was referred to as Odo'Ital which is Cardassian for literally nothing. Over time, Odo's name was shortened to what it is now.

In Improbable Cause, Odo reveals that he can't smell in the same way as humans can. He asks the Flaxian for advice on what fragrant the Flaxian is selling that he could purchase for a lady friend. When Odo starts to mix the fragrants, the Flaxian stops him because all three mixed will cause an explosion.

As Odo is known for being a stickler when rules and regulations are required, Benjamin Sisko asked Odo to referee a baseball game. An old rival Vulcan captain visited the station and challenged Sisko to a baseball game. Odo accepted the request and refereed the game. Odo even sent off Benjamin when Benjamin argued against Odo's decision. The DS9 team lost but not through trying. Take Me Out to the Holosuite

Life as a Solid

Changelings are liquid enitites that are able to change into anything that wish to from an object to a living creature. When Odo kills another Changeling in The Adversary, it would be the first time any Changeling had killed another. When the other Changelings learned of what had happened, they engineered an illness on Odo so that he may return to the Great Link where the Changelings spend most of the time for judgment.

When Odo is taken to the Great Link, his punishment is that he becomes a solid and is forced to experience feeling that only solids such as humans get. The feeling include hunger, thirst and injury. Broken Link.



Quark, the Ferengi is the owner of the bar on the promenade. The two have known each other since before Commander Benjamin Sisko took over control of the station on behalf of Starfleet. Odo would love nothing more than to catch Quark up to no good but has not been able to.

Quark complains of harassment but it never goes anywhere. Quark has worked with Odo in order to bring more serious people down. At the beginning of series 4 when Worf has just arrived on the station, Worf discovers that Quark is trading in illegal crystals. Worf intervene but it turns out that Quark was working with Odo.


When the Enterprise was destroyed, Worf took on the role of Tactical Officer on the station. Worf couldn't get his previous role out of the system and when he saw Quark doing an illegal trade, he complained to Odo. When Odo refused to get involved, Worf took it upon himself to intervene. It then turned out that Quark and Odo were working together.

Since the first incident, Worf has learnt his position and leave Odo to get on with sorting out the law and security threats from inside the station. Worf concentrates on dealing with external threats.

Romance and Love Interests

Lwaxana Troi

Lwaxana Troi is the mother of Deanna Troi, the USS Enterprise NCC 1701D's councillor. Lwaxana is an outrageous flirt. When Lwaxana arrives on Deep Space 9, she takes an interest in Odo but one that is not reciprocated.

Odo first comes into contact with Lwaxana when Odo recovers a brooch that she lost and that's when she set her eyes on him. In "The Forsaken", Odo is stuck in a lift with her, unable to get out or return to his liquid form. We see a different personality of Lwaxana when she shows Odo that things are ok to be different when she takes off her wig.

In Fascination, Lwaxana returns to the station for the Bajoran Gratitude festival, she is ill with a fever that when other people catch, they be amorous with other people. Everyone is affected but Odo.

Kira Nerys

Odo has a secret desire for Kira and trys his best to hide it. Although Kira may not realise it, other people do such as Quark and Lwaxana Troi. In "CrossFire" When the first minister of Bajor, Shaakar visits the station, Kira is seemingly infatuated with Shaakar and Odo is jealous. The only person who notices the thing is Quark who gives some words of advice which seems to work.

When in "The Circle", Kira is called back to Bajor, Odo is the only one who tries his hardest to persuade Kira not to go. Its all in vain though as Kira leaves to return to Bajor. He doesn't reveal his fealings for her.

In "Children of Time", the crew of Defiant is forced to land on a planet but enter a time paradox where they meet their descendants. Odo is only original member of the crew still alive but he's changed a little. Odo confesses his true feelings for Kira Nerys . Odo wishes he told her a long time ago. When te crew of the Defiant are able to repair their craft and are able to get off the planet, Odo and Kira are forced to confront how Odo feels about Kira.

It is not until the holographic Vic Fontaine in the sixth series get them together. VIc manages to trick both Odo and Kira Nerys to be in the same hologram at the same time that they reveal their feelings for one another. From that moment on, the two become lovers.

Female Changeling

During the occupation of Deep Space 9 by The Dominion and the Cardassians, a Female Changeling gets to get close to Odo. The traditional way of getting close between Changelings is to melt together. Odo shows the female how Solids interact and its a revelation for the Female Changeling.

Getting close to the Female Changeling is also a revelation for Odo and it makes Odo to forget about everything. Rom who had been relying on Odo to help him gain access access to a restricted area is caught because Odo didn't turn off the security scanner.

After the interaction with the Female Changeling, Odo goes back to helping Quark, Kira Nerys and Jake Sisko but they are too late, the mine field has been destroyed. Episode: Sacrifice of Angels.

Changelings and Odo's Race

In the episode Vortex (1x12), Constable Odo first learns about his race. Croden, a criminal that is arrested on the station reveals that his kind, the Changelings are numerous in the Gamma Quadrant. It is the first time that Odo's race is explicitly mentioned in the series.

In the Adversary episode (3x26), Odo kills another member of his race. A Changeling has got on board the Defiant by pretending to be an Ambassador. The Changeling has sabotaged the controls and is trying to provoke a war between Starfleet and Tzenkethi who are hostile to one another.

Odo's Best and Worst Episodes

Necessary Evil

In the episode, we learn more of Odo's time on the station during the Cardassian occupation. Odo was asked by Gul Dukat to investigate the murder of Vaartik, a shop owner. Vaartik was a Cardassian collaborator. Whilst the station was under occupation, Odo was unable to solve the murder.

When there is an attempt on Quark's life, Odo realises who was responsible for the first murder that he investigated, it was Colonel Kira Nerys. Odo saw that Kira showed no emotion when a comment was made earlier.

A Simple Investigation

The entire episode see Odo investigating a woman who has broken into his security computer. Odo falls in love with her whilst investigating a woman whose contact on the station was murdered. The relationship gets to where he makes love with her. It is the first time that Odo has fallen in love with a female solid. The only other time has been when he was in the Great Link.

He consults Doctor Julian Bashir for advice but it is only above average help. He is disappointed for when he solves the murder, the womans memories are replanted and it is revealed, she is married with children. The woman had been undercover with the Orion Syndicate, a criminal organisation.

The Virus and after the Dominion War

A virus began infecting the Changelings, passed from one Changeling to another when they linked. Odo was become infected with the virus near the end of the Dominion War. Odo's infection would prompt Chief Miles O'Brien and Doctor Julian Bashir to take Extreme Measures,

The virus was discovered to have been created by Section 31, a shadowy spy organisation that works out side Starfleet Intelligence. Miles and Julian lured the leader of Section 31 to the station to question him. When Luther Sloane, Section's chief committed suicide, the two peered into the memories of Luther Sloane as he laid dying.

The two officers managed to get the cure and cure Odo. Once the war was over, Odo shared the cure with the Female Changeling who was leading the Dominion in the Alpha Quadrant.

Odo returned to the Great Link where his Changeling race were dying and spread the cure amongst his kind. Odo had chosen to return to his people and say goodbye to Kira Nerys.

Odo Facts

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ActorRene Auberjonois
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