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Count Baltar - Battlestar Galactica

Count Baltar from Battlestar Galactica played by John Colicos.

Count Baltar is a fictional male Kobolian in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was played on screen by John Colicos. John Calicos appeared in a pilot for the Second Coming, again as a human traitor. John sadly passed away before the new series was made otherwise he could well have had a guest part like what Richard Hatch a.k.a Apollo did.

Attack on the Twelve Colonies

Count Baltar was a leader of a tribe amongst the Twelve Colonies who made a deal with the Cylons to spare his tribe in return for his help in killing the Colonials.

He probably thought he was trying to do the right thing but he was extremely naive. Baltar represented the Cylons at the meeting where the peace treaty was to be signed. Baltar had managed to persuade everyone that the Cylons meant no harm. Even when the final Cylon attack had begun, he managed to persuade the leaders that nothing was untoward.was going on. The Battlestar didn't react until it was too late. Commander Adama put his Battlestar on alert at the very moment that word came through of the attacking fleet approaching.

Count Baltar sat above a high podium where he would give out his orders to Lucifer who would obey him. There was a Cylon leader who was above him, the Imperious Leader as he was known.

Lost planet of the Gods

The Galactica fleet discover Kobol, a desert planet. The planet has many ruins and pyramids, similar to what the Ancient Egyptians built for their dead Pharoahs. The planet hosts an impromptu peace conference when Commander Adama and Count Baltar meet in person. Despite Baltar offering peace, Adama rejects it.

A Cylon attack occurs whilst the two men are inside a ruin. Count Baltar is trapped inside the ruin but Adama manages to escape. Cylons arrive to help the Count out from his capture and leave.

War of the Gods

In the two parter, Lieutenant Starbuck and Capt. Apollo land on a planet and meet the mysterious Count Ibis. Ibis promises that he can get the Galactica and the fleet to Earth if they obey him. Ibis also grants the Colonials wishes.

One of the wishes is that Count Baltar is arrested. To their surprise, Count Baltar hands himself into the Colonial fleet who arrest him and put him on trial. Count Baltar is none the wiser as to how he happened to get there.

Dr Gauis Baltar

In the re-imagined series, Count Baltar becomes Doctor Gaius Baltar, a highly regarded scientist who is fooled into helping the Cylons steal the battle codes for the Battlestars. With the codes, the defences of the Battlestars are shut down and are destroyed.

Battlestar Galactica survives because it is an old machine and doesn't have the same software that the other Battlestars have. Gaius works for himself to try and survive whichever way he seems he is able to, he puts himself first.

Count Baltar Facts

Alien RaceKobolian
SpaceshipCylon Basestar
ActorJohn Colicos
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