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Senior Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol - Battlestar Galactica

Galen Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica played by Aaron Douglas.

Galen Tyrol is a fictional male Kobolian ( 2003 ) in the Battlestar Galactica television series who was played on screen by Aaron Douglas. Galen Tyrol holds the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer within the Battlestar Galactica.

Corporal Galen Tyrol is the chief Colonial Viper engineer. Tyrol is also known as Chief as he is the most senior member of the engineers responsible for making sure that the vipers are operational and fit for active service. Tyrol was introduced in the new series, there was no character in the original series.


He has a secret relationship with viper pilot (Lieutenant Sharon Valerii but the relationship is discovered by Col. Tigh who tells him the relationship must end. The relationship would end up putting a strain on his ability to perform to the best of his ability. He is unaware that Boomer is a Cylon until everyone else becomes aware.

His relationship grows with Cally, a deck engineer to the extent that they have a child. When Cally is killed by Tory, he becomes a single dad to the baby boy, Nicholas. It would later transpire when Nicholas was ill that Tyrol was not the father. Tyrol discovered who the father was, it was Hotdog, a Colonial Viper Pilot and went to beat him up. Tyrol was stopped. After Tyrol calmed down, he took Hotdog to see the child and told him he had to look the kid whilst he (Tyrol) sobered up.

When Cpl. Tyrol beats up his wife, he turns to religion to help him get through the personal crisis that he is having. The person he turns to is a Brother John Cavil clone who provides spiritual guidance. At the time of turning to him, it is not known he is a Cylon clone either by people in the fleet or those watching.

New Caprica Resistance

During the occupation of New Caprica, he is one of the leaders of the resistance in the prison camp. He receives messages from someone nestled within the the Doctor Gaius Baltar government but doesn't know who it is until he tries and then nearly executes the prisoner. Once everyone has been rescued and are back onboard the Galactica, he takes part in a series of unauthorised trials and then executions of people who he sees as traitors to the Cylons.

Political Activism

On New Caprica, he was the union representative for the workers. When he returned to the Galactica, he resumed his duties as a chief engineer. When the people on board the Tyllium refinery ship started to protest at the way they were being looked after, he took up the mantle of union representative again and calling a strike. After the strike was over, he was asked by President Laura Roslin which he did.

Discovering he is a Cylon

Unaware to himself, he is actually a Cylon which he only find out later when only he and a few others (Col. Saul Tigh, Tory Foster and Samuel Anders) respond to a mysterious sound on board the Galactica.

When Tyrol visits the Apocalyptic planet, he has visions of what happened thousands of years ago before the planet became a wasteland. He sees himself walking through a village. The other fleet Cylons see similar visions. This leads them to believe that Cylons are the thirteenth colonists of Kobol.

Galen Tyrol Facts

RankSenior Chief Petty Officer
Alien RaceKobolian ( 2003 )
AllegianceThe Battlestar Galactica
ActorAaron Douglas
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