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Daniel Graystone

Daniel Graystone is a fictional male Human computer scientist in the Battlestar Galactica series. The character was portrayed on screen by Eric Stoltz. His allegiance / loyalty is to The Graystone Family. Daniel Graystone is a wealthy Industrialist on the planet of Caprica who is married to Amanda Graystone and has one daughter, Zoe Graystone.

Daniel Graystone played by Eric Stolz in <a href=/spaceship/battlestar>Battlestar</a> Galactica - Caprica

On hearing that his daughter has been killed in a terrorist attack and that his daughter had created a virtual avatar of herself, he captures the avatar to use in a robot life form in the hope bringing his daughter back alive again.

Of the twelve Cylon models of the re-imagined series, one model we never saw. That model version was number seven which was also called Daniel.

Graystone Industries

Daniel is the CEO of Graystone Industries, one of the leading defence and engineering companies in the twelve colonies. He meets Joseph Adama at a memorial service and then he gets to know him more.

Daniel manages to persuade Joseph to steal a MCP chip from his Tauron competitor, the Vergis Corporation. Joseph gets his brother Sam Adama to carry out the operation which Sam does with ruthless efficiency, killing a number of people in the process.

Vergis Corporation

The Vergis Corporation is Tauron's largest defence contractor and is owned by Tomas Vergis. The company has the only working MCP item and Sam Adama steals it from Vergis Corporation. Tomas doesn't have any direct proof but he pretty certain that Daniel stole the MCP and is using it in the U87 but doesn't have the proof.

Tomas sets out to destroy Daniel by taking over the Caprican City Buccaneers and then eventually Graystone Industry company. Daniel fights back with the help of the Adamas and their criminal contacts. Daniel uses smears and bribery to win back the company which he does.

Once Daniel has won, Tomas goes to visit Daniel and concede defeat. However, its not as it seems, Tomas has gone to Daniel to commit suicide, a Tauron can't go living the way he is now living because of the Tauron ways of life. Daniel telephones Sam Adama to come and clear up the mess so that he's not held responsible for the death.

Zoe Graystone

Daniel removes the Zoe Graystone avatar from the Virtual world in the hope that he can implant her into a machine and therefore have his daughter back. However, Zoe refuses to reveal herself to him and hides away in the U87. Daniel tries to get Zoe to reveal herself but every effort fails.

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