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D'anna Briers - Battlestar Galactica

D'anna Briers is a fictional female cylon who works for Cylon in the Battlestar Galactica franchise. She has been portrayed on screen by Lucy Lawless. D`anna first appears as a new broadcaster on board the Battlestar Galactica but then her character disappears because she knows the identity of the final five cylon models. Number One (Brother John Cavil) does not want the identities to be revealed so she locked away. She is referred to as Model Three in the series of Cylons.

D`anna is finally unboxed when a team from the Battlestar Galactica break into the Hub to unbox her. When D`anna gets back to the Cylon fleet, she gives the Galactica an automatum to hand over the final models or be destroyed. It is only at this point that the final models except Ellen Tigh reveal themselves to Commander William Adama.

D`anna Biers

D'anna Briers Fact File

Alien RaceCylon
ActorLucy Lawless
NationalityNew Zealander

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