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Darkseid is a fictional male New God in the Justice League comic series . Darkseid is the dictator leader of the planet Apokalips having killed his brother for the position. Darkseid is the ultimate antagonist / enemy of all that is in the D.C. universe. His equivalent in Marvel is Thanos, the Mad Titan.

Darkseid wants to control the Universe whereas Titan wants to wipe out the Universe or at least half of it. Thanos in the comics is in love so to speak with Death, a female character and killing the universe is his gift for her. Darkseid isn't interested in killing for numbers, he wants to rule the Universe.

Darkseid has only appeared in comics or cartoons and has made a guest appearance in the Smallville series where Lionel Luthor encounters Darkseid. The planet Apokalips also appears in the cliffhanger at the very end of the final series of Smallville.

As for when Darkseid will appear on screen for a movie is anyones guess, he'll be mentioned but probably won't be seen. The Justice League movies were a bit of a let down, a rush job, a job done to catch up with the Marvel Universe which had produced a number of high quality films all leading up to Infinity Wars, a two part story. Justice League was supposed to be a two parter but was scrapped in favour of a just a one part movie.

Although Darkseid didn't appear, Steppenwolf, Darkseid's military commander did appear and got sent packing by the Justice League. A sequel might have seen Darkseid taking revenge.

Darkseid Facts

Alien RaceNew God
AllegianceThe Justice League
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