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D`Avin Jaqobis

D`Avin Jaqobis from Killjoys played by Luke Macfarlane.

D`Avin Jaqobis is a fictional male Human in the Killjoys television series who was portrayed on screen by Luke Macfarlane. D'avin is a war hero who got on the wrong side of someone is targeted by the Killjoys. When John Jaqobis, D'avins brother finds out there's a price on the older brother, John finds D'avin onboard the Arcturus where D'avin is a pit fighter.

D'avin is rescued when Dutch on knowing that someone is about to kill D'avin, incapacitates D'avin. Once they get off the Arcturus, the three set about finding a bigger prize to get the hunt off D'avin. It ends during with the killjoys finding and killing the bigger prize.

D`Avin Jaqobis Facts

Alien RaceHuman
AllegianceThe Killjoys
ActorLuke Macfarlane

Copyright: Syfy

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