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Deanna Troi - Star Trek - The Next Generation

Deanna Troi from Star Trek - The Next Generation played by Marina Sirtis.

Deanna Troi is a fictional female Betazoid in the Star Trek - The Next Generation television series who was played on screen by Marina Sirtis. Deanna is telepathic which enables her to read the minds of people she chooses which is useful as the ships councillor.

Marriage and Relationships

Deanna was bethrowed to get married when she was young but much to her mothers displeasure, she called off the wedding. Deanna had a relationship with Commander Riker which she called off and then got romanticised by Lieutenant Worf before calling that relationship. In the end, Deanna wed Commander William Riker in Star Trek X, Nemesis

Her mother Luxanna Troi can be very interfering but at heart she only wants what she thinks is best for her daughter or herself. The actress playing Deanna's mother is Majel Roddenberry, the wife of the deceased creator Gene Roddenberry. Majel also played Nurse Christine Chapel in the original series.

Wyatt Miller

Lwaxana Troi visited the station marking her first appearance in the episode "Haven". Lwaxana had arranged a marriage of Deanna to Wyatt Miller. Deanna felt obliged to go through with it even though in her heart, she didn't really want to do it.

Wyatt kept having a vision of a woman but didn't understand. It would soon turn out that the woman was a Tarellian, a race of humans who had nearly all been wiped out. The remaining Tarellians were infected by a disease and no one wanted anything to do with them. Wyatt felt that it was his destiny to help find a cure and teleported to the Tarellians thereby sealing his fate and ending the pre-arranged marriage to Deanna.

Devinoni Ral

In the episode The Price, the Enterprise is holding negociations with the Barzan people over access to a stable wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. One of those that is in negociations Devinoni Ral, an one quarter telepath. Against her better judgment, Deanna begins a short but intense relationship with Devinoni whilst he conducts negociations. When it turns out that Devinoni is using his telepathy to gain an unfair advantage, Deanna calls a halt to the relationship.

The Child

The first episode of the second saw Deanna Troi become pregnant. A small alien that the Enterprise had passed by impregnated itself in Deanna whilst Deanna was alseep. The alien gestation period was very quick and Deanna gave birth to a baby boy. The baby grew quickly to a four year old and then a seven year old. Deanna named her child Ian after her deceased father.

The alien had wanted to learn about humans and the only way it could was to become human and that meant from birth. When the alien had learned enough, it returned to its original state and left the station.

When Jean-Luc Picard learned of the birth, he called a meeting of senior staff where they discussed what to do. Worf felt it was best that the baby be aborted before it could harm the spaceship but Deanna voiced strong opposition to it and carried on with the pregnancy.

Deanna Troi Facts

Alien RaceBetazoid
AllegianceThe USS Enterprise NCC-1701D
ActorMarina Sirtis
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