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Derrick Moss - Dark Matter

Derrick Moss from Dark Matter played by Marc Bendavid.

Derrick Moss is a fictional male Human in the Dark Matter television series who was played on screen by Marc Bendavid. Derrick Moss/Jace Corso was the first person to wake up and was the first to the controls. When he got to the controls, he was attacked by Portia Lin. The real Jace Corso is a trained killer and wanted for a multitude of crimes of which he is unable to remember.

Derrick Moss or Jace Corso

Derrick Moss assumed the identity of Jace Corso because he wanted to get close to Marcus Boone who he thought was responsible for the death of his wife. Derricks identity was only skin deep not D.N.A. deep. Derrick's identity or what he actually looks like is revealed in Episode Eight when he is forced to go with Ryo Tetsuda to follow Kal Varrick. Kal's DNA is teleported across space to another space station. Ryo decides to not kill Jace as he believes the word of Derrick and instead carries on the mission to find out what Val is up to.

Relationship with Portia Lin

In episode Three of the first series, when Derrick is alone with Portia Lin, he makes his feeling for his companion known by kissing her. Portia doesn't react but Jace regrets his actions and runs away before Portia has a time to react. Derrick gets jealous when he discovers that Portia had slept with Marcus Boone, she calls it complicated. When they revive Wendy, he calls the sex he has with Wendy as uncomplicated. At the end of episode seven, Derrick's ultimate dream comes true and the two have sex.

Derrick reveals to Portia why he thinks he's on the ship. He believes that Marcus Boone has killed his wife and that by taking Jace Corso's identity, he can get to Marcus and kill him thus taking revenge. When Derrick has a golden opportunity to kill Marcus, Derrick instead saves Marcus's life by shooting the Zairon's Royal Guard. Marcus reveals to Derrick that he's been keeping a tally of who saved who's life and that Jace is in the lead. Derricks's real name is Derrick Moss who assumed Jace's identity for the worst.

Exoneration, Death and Rebirth

In the second series, Jace is exonerated for his crimes and whilst the rest of the crew are held in a prison, Jace is released into the hands of his families lawyer. However, it doesn't last long as the real Jace catches up with him again and shoots him dead.

The crew of the Raza including Marcus Boone on hearing that Derrick is dead set about exacting revenge. The crew manage to track him down to a planet where he is killed in revenge for the death of Derrick by Portia Lin. Jace had tried to bargain for his life as he knew who had hired them but it wasn't enough to keep him alive.

The Real Jace Corso

The first time we see Jace Corso, he's on a space station that the crew of the Raza are about to visit. Jace manages to capture Marcus Boone and Derrick and ties them up. The real Jace uses the fact that Derrick now looks like Jace and gets onboard the Raza. The real Jace is able to walk off the Raza without Android suspecting a thing.

The real Jace Corso catches up with Derrick in the second episode of the second series. Jace kills Derrick as revenge for taking his place. However the crew of the Raza eventually catch up with Jace Corso and kill him. In the alternate universe, Jace is still alive. When the crew of Raza return to their own dimension, a craft detaches from the Raza and disappears. Its possible that the craft contains the alternate Derrick and so makes a return for the third series.

Derrick Moss Facts

Alien RaceHuman
Actor Marc Bendavid
Last UpdatedSaturday, February 2, 2019

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